Cinder Skin – “Sunken” CS
Limited to 200 – Released in 1996 – Sold Out

This is CINDER SKIN’s first offering and only release. Bringing together elements of Death Metal, early Industrial, Noise Rock and Noise CINDER SKIN have created something beyond the usual hybrid metal project. Discordant, bass heavy rhythms, frantic drum programming, and swells of noise stitched together with a visceral vocal delivery. This is 25 minutes of abrasive and ugly music, unsettling and raw. The first edition of this release came with lyrics, the second edition does not. This is a side project of GRUNTSPLATTER.


Audio Samples… Coming Soon


“CINDER SKIN is a testament to creativity in the face of limited resources. Armed with homemade percussion (later a drum machine), a bass, a four track recorder and a yen for mutant rock and roll, San Diego CA’s Scott Candey has fashioned six compositions that blur the line between JOHN CAGIAN sound collage, home-brewn Death Metal and Industrial/Noise in the old THROBBING GRISTLE, EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN sense of the term. It’s a very difficult mix to digest, although I get the sense that with more money and better equipment, CINDER SKIN would evolve into something entirely listenable. Some of the “songs” such as “Blood Gutter I” consist entirely of sampled noises and dialogue mixed with an endlessly repeating orchestral figure of some kind. “Cadaver Man” raises some tuneful sounds, but the already distorted vocals and guitar work get mired in a muddy mix. The percussion on “Congeal” sounds suspiciously like a garbage can lid. Somebody should give Candey a decent budget and set him loose.”

MORTAL COIL #4 (Rough Mixes)
“For rough mixes, this stuff sounds damn good! Scott did something a little more musically inclined than his GRUNTSPLATTER project here, complete with sporadic, high and low vocals and spoken parts. “Cadaver Man” is absolutely chilling, as Death Metal screams are distorted and muffled. My guess is this was done on purpose, as only Scott could come up with something like that. The lines that start off something like…”I believe in murder, pain, infidelity,” are spoken lines that are actually unsettling to listen to. I mean that in a good way, as again, I’m sure Scott did that on purpose. For those that have written Noise off as just that, nothing but noise, I think that you should open your eyes and take a closer look, because there is something else here. There’s some real genius going on here. The final song, “Irritation Hive”, is probably the most unsettling of all. The lyrics are almost spoken in a deep, gutteral voice to the beat of the music. The lyrics lash out at you, but they do it calmly. You get the sense that the anger is controlled, but ready to be unleashed at any second. I do have to admit that I found this easier to listen to than the GRUNTSPLATTER work, but I would imagine that both projects would create live shows you’d be effected by for the rest of your life. I’m looking forward to hearing the finished product. This is madness that will make you made with it, and will do it to you purposefully, just because it can.”

“Formed in 1993, CINDER SKIN is the solo project of Scott E. Candey – who is also a part of GRUNTSPLATTER. Extremely low rumbling frequencies mixed with synth, samples and drum machine. 6 songs total written over the past 3 years, a very hostile cassette.”

“Sludgy Industrial Noise. There are some distorted vocals buried in the mix. I guess this is supposed to be experimental, and I know it was recorded very low tech, but I’m really just not too interested. -6”

“This is another industrial-experimental offering from the hotbed of this kind of music, the USof A, which one has to have a taste for, but if one does this is a good listen. The solo project of Scott Candey, this is typical of the genre as it explores the darker side of man and humanity with good lyrics interspersed with samples. The music is very experimental and adds to the atmosphere. The only let down with this is the production which is bad and doesn’t do this tape any justice. Six songs to sonically challenge you, it is worth a listen.”

“Extreme technoise stuff. Sludgy, detuned guitar, jerky drum machine and a distorted-yelling vocalist. Not happy music. “Cadaver Man” is a broken robot monster thing, a techno zombie tottering around with arms outstretched, yelling incoherently. The whole tape rumbles at any playback level. “Introspection” is a bit of a soundtrack to a nightmare. Disturbed and grumbly.”

“This Experimental/Noise stuff is starting to grow on me, and this demo is pretty much the one that got me going. This is Experimental/Noise with a more traditional song structure in the background to make it easier for people like me to be able to get into. You sink into the demented and twisted world when this demo is started and it’s a scary world in Scott’s world. The atmospheric background with the harsh noises is something that many may take some getting used, but I definitely think it’s worth your time.”

“There is no doubt about it, the debut release from San Diego’s CINDER SKIN is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. The material that makes up “Sunken” is some of the ugliest known to man and is the audio equivalent of a car crash. Punishing fits of feedback and unleashed noisescapes violently envelope a down tuned bass, drum machine, and synth sounds for an apocalyptic jaunt into the fathomless murk of Experimental music. With Death and Black metal influences in tow, the tracks “Cadaver Man”, “Congeal” and “Introspection” all maintain a lurching vibrance due to augmented rhythms and bizarre structures. Also the abrasive content of these songs is magnified by electronic infected vocals, which resemble barbed wire being raked across a washboard. “Irritation Hive” shows even more signs of diversity due to a strong Industrial feel in the drum programming. This also features a less tortured vocal style that sounds like a cross between Ghost from G.G.F.H., and Jonathan Canady of DEAD WORLD. If brute force and sample manipulation are two elements you crave when hunting down new music, CINDER SKIN will astound and skin you alive. This is not for the weak or feeble minded.”

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