Torture Chamber/Gruntsplatter – “Bisect: A 90 Min. Split” CS
Limited to 100 – Released in 1995 – Sold Out

This marked the only commercially available release for TORTURE CHAMBER who broke up shortly after its release. One member went on to form DEATHPILE and ANGEL OF DECAY, the other now records under the name A MINORITY OF ONE. Their side features a monolithic wall of crushing Power Electronics & militant social commentary recorded live. GRUNTSPLATTER made its first appearance on this release showcasing a much more organic style than recent works. Churning, dense walls of feedback, found sounds, vocal noise and occasional drum machine abuse flesh out their side. A dark and violent display from both projects. Good sound quality throughout.

Audio Samples… Coming Soon


“This is the first release from the CRIONIC MIND cassette label from San Diego. The press release the CRIONIC MIND sent described TORTURE CHAMBER as “ugly Power Electronic Noise” and that sums it up pretty well. This is probably the best Noise that I’ve heard in a long time. It has enough elements to keep the listeners attention, yet isn’t overly busy. Words like “power” and “control” are repeated, slowed down and sped up for effect. On the other side, GRUNTSPLATTER present a mesh of ambient electronic noise that is similar to TORTURE CHAMBER’s work, but much darker. Very dense noise with samples and heavy electronics. I certainly encourage noise fans to pick this up and to watch for more releases from CRIONIC MIND.”

“The first release from this up and coming experimental label from California. TORTURE CHAMBER is J. Canady from the band DEAD WORLD (who have releases out on RELAPSE). The basic sound, is many samples and loops over a slight noise layered background, very good sounds. GRUNTSPLATTER is run by Scott Candey, and consists of various noises (some buzzlike, some harsh) with drum machine and samples – also quite good. I hope to hear more noise from both bands. To contact these kings of feedback write…”

“I dreamed of doing stuff like this many, many moons ago but here I am reviewing it. This tape features two experimental/noise outfits. TORTURE CHAMBER and GRUNTSPLATTER. TORTURE CHAMBER, who recorded live, deliver 4 tracks of non stop aural screeching. As with most all live recordings, it is especially grating, as the higher frequencies are rawer and more pronounced. GRUNTSPLATTER, who used a studio, sound a bit more subdued but no less chaotic. After listening to so many ambient releases, this is a welcome change to rinse out the musical palatte.”

“TORTURE CHAMBER does distorted sound fuckery. Low frequency sound assault complete with Hitler samples and instructional speeches on various aspects of warfare. Sequenced synths provide some semblance of order, but the rest of the action is a bit chaotic. And ungodly harsh. MAN. GRUNTSPLATTER’s Scott Candey is also the sole perpetrator behind CINDER SKIN, so you know you’re in for some scary shit on his side of this splitter. “14FI” starts off all mechanized and overdiven like most of the CINDER SKIN stuff. “Beneath The Landfill” is pure guitar sonics. Give your ears 90 minutes of hell.”

“Featuring a guest appearance by none other than J. Canady (DEAD WORLD) We are taken to the limits of both pleasure and pain with the audio mindfuck of TORTURE CHAMBER. Screams, noise fills, and echoed demands over what could only be described as an electronic rape in progress, are what’s to be experienced with this band. Next up, GRUNTSPLATTER, CMD’s own Scott Candey has begun his trek into the bizarre with this sonic menagerie potent enough to make one stop pissing in mid stream…and like it. Undoubtedly for the sick.”

“This marks my first introduction to the genre of music called Noise. Lots of samples and parahumanoidarianized repetitions. This tape put me in a really spaced out mind frame. I felt like I was in one of those Twilight Zone marathons. I imagine a live show of this sort would have lots of bugged out lights and video monitors. Original song titles such as “We Are The Dead’, “Beneath The Landfill”, “Biological Satan”, etc. A lot of effort went into this tape. GRUNTSPLATTER’s Scott Candey is always working on something new. Check the interview with him(for his other project, CINDER SKIN) somewhere in this issue.”

“This is another electronic noise offering from North America with Torture Chamber on one side and Gruntsplatter on the other. Torture Chamber is electronic experimental sounds with Jonathan Canady and some conspirators, namely J. Hockvater, Ian and M. Jones, which is basically a live recording. This is very good, it is basically a 50 minute song in a couple of sections. It is sinister and enhanced by Hitler samples that are harsh and aggressive. The electronics build up and down as the song progresses. The electronics sound is more upbeat than Jonathan Canady’s usual works, but it is dark and very atmospheric. It goes very experimental towards the end, but returns to the underlying sound for the finish. The other side is Scott Candey’s Gruntsplatter, and unfortunately, it is not structured like your usual electronic noise being more slower noise orientated experimental songs. There is no real depth in the songs and well, it just does not grab me. Samples mixed with electronics are Gruntsplatter’s sound but it is not as good as Scott’s other side projects. The production is not great, but the Torture Chamber is well worth a listen.

“This doesn’t suck, because it’s beyond suck! This isn’t extraordinary because it’s beyond extraordinary. This isn’t even music, it’s beyond all actual sound and audio extremity. Overwhelming violence and supreme distortion is what makes up this tape. Both of these groups are far more concerned with transcending sound than making music. It is definitely not for me, but something about it does intrigue me. I would probably play this on Halloween for a haunted house carnival. It’s scary, I can see the trick or treaters running when they hear this. It’s not music in the harmonic sense, it’s purely music because it inflicts emotion by the use of sound.”

“If you are the type of person that believes Death Metal, is the most extreme music around, prepare to be schooled. What you are about to experience will be considered noise by some and a symphony to others. Putting all titles aside, “Bisect” is your worst nightmare put to tape. Let’s discuss the contents, shall we? First up is a 40 min. live set courtesy of Colorado’s TORTURE CHAMBER, a project consisting of Jonathan Canady of DEAD WORLD, and J. Hochvater. The best way to describe the soundscape presented by T.C., is to imagine sticking your head inside a rocket thruster during take off. Add sample and sound manipulation to the dense rumble and you have the ingredients that I’m sure had the crowd scrambling for the nearest earplug. This is a fine, though somewhat two dimensional, display of unrelenting electronic abuse. Side two finds San Diego’s GRUNTSPLATTER nestled in to assault your senses. This one man project has taken the limitations of his equipment and expanded on them ten fold. Where TORTURE CHAMBER presents a steady barrage of sound, GRUNTSPLATTER has gone two steps further by incorporating drums and keyboard melodies into the fray. The opening track “14FI” features a SKINNY PUPPY influence in the drum programming that keeps the foot tapping, while waves of tainted sound defile your eardrums. Taking into consideration this was recorded on a four track, it amazes me how well layered and mixed the production is. There is a strong mood portrayed in each of the eight songs and I think that is one of the elements that a lot of Noise acts are lacking. GRUNTSPLATTER has created some very powerful and dynamic… yes I’m going to say it…music. With professional packaging and good sound quality, “Bisect” is a tape that all fans of experimental music will appreciate.”

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