photo: Veleda Thorsson
photo: Veleda Thorsson

I have been recording music under the moniker Gruntsplatter since 1993, and releasing it since 1995. Gruntsplatter was born as I was working on Cinder Skin, and ended up making more experimental tracks than the sort of industrial, dirge metal I had set out to make.

I draw, if somewhat esoterically, from literature, and the death rattles and rituals of our eroding gene pool. As the project has evolved it has become largely based around personal and sociological themes that deal with the erosion of humanity and a dystopian inevitability.

Gruntsplatter has always been a malleable creature that congealed somewhere in the gray area between Noise and Dark Ambient. Through the detail of harsher textures mixed with layered atmosphere I am best able to make something evocative and subtle in its detail.

When I started doing this, I never expected to be able to work with the labels and artists I have. From Gruntsplatter a number of collaborations and additional solo projects have spawned each with their own sound and focus. I, more or less, stopped recording for a number of years, but am active once more. If you have followed what I do, or ever given my music any attention at all, I really do appreciate it.

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