Blunt Force Trauma was a collaborative project between Jonathan Canady of Deathpile, and Scott Candey of Gruntsplatter.

Jonathan’s previous project, Torture Chamber, shared the “Bisect” split with Gruntsplatter in 1995. We began discussing the idea of a collaboration in early 1996. It took close to a year to complete as we both had various other things we were working on. The finished product, came out as “Bled Out”.

We referred to the style as “Ultra Noise.” Dense, complex harsh noise with an atmospheric undercurrent. . It was our goal when we undertook this project to create something that was a complete package of intensity from sonics to art –  something as brooding as it was ferocious. A response to the quantity over quality conundrum. This was never meant to be more than a one off

After several years of silence from the project, a new track was recorded in 2003 entitled “The Weight Of The Feeble” and released by PacRec as part of their business card CDR series. It shows development sonically, but it is still very much in the tradition of what we did for “Bled Out”.

Complete Discography…

“Bled Out” – CD
limited to 1000 – Malsonus – February 1997
“The Weight Of The Feeble” – Business Card CDR
limited to 48 – PacRec – May 2003