Cinder Skin was my first solo project, and ultimately led to the birth of Gruntsplatter. The material was recorded between 1993 and 1996 with little very little gear. The primitive instrumentation and production fit the intent. The material combines the discordant influences of Voivod and Godflesh with Noise and early Industrial.

I’ve never really known how to describe Cinder Skin. I’d recorded a few straight forward Dark Noise pieces around then as well that I intended to work through out the release, but ended up with more of those than “normal” tracks, and thus Gruntsplatter was born. The response was interesting, at that time I was pretty much just sending it to Metal zines rather than places that had a real point of reference.

I’d still like to go back and touch on what I was trying to do with Cinder Skin at some point.

Complete Discography…

“Sunken” – CS
limited to 200 – Crionic Mind – 1996Reissued Digital in 2022