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SAMUS – “Desengano” CD $9
Unique experimental Sludgecore, mixing electronics and sampling with destructive, filthy Sludge.

SATOR ABSTENTIA – “The True Meaning Of Golgotha” CD $10
Ritual Electronics and Evolving Dark Ambient powerfully executed.

SCOTT ARFORD/RANDY R.H.Y. YAU – “Edit For Unconsciousness” CD $9
RADIOSONDE/YAU collab, Dark Electronics, scraping, sizzled, pulsing crumbling… sinister.

SCRAP.EDX – “Non Linear Interfacing” CD $9
Heavy distorted beats mixed with elements of atmosphere and noise, more varied than the norm.

SEAR BLISS – “Grand Destiny” CD $9
Raw Black Metal , with some great hooks and emotion, grim but varied.

SEVENTH HARMONIC – “The Awakening” CD $7
Drifting ethereal Goth for this English trio.

SEWAGE – “Close Encounter Of The Spooky Kind” CDR $8
Unique abrasive Noise and analog abuse, very cool.

Dark Ambient roots eclectic experimental tributaries, subtle melody, odd beats, & pulses.

SICKNESS – “I Have Become The Disease That Made Me” CD $10
Diverse & dynamic Harsh Noise assault. Dense, corroded frequencies.

SKEPTICISM – “Lead & Aether” CD $10
Murky, Despairing Funeral Doom from these undisputed masters.

SKEPTICISM – “The Process Of Farmakon” MCD $8
Two epic tracks of colossal and morose Funeral Doom.

SLAB! – “Descension” CD $9
A masterpiece collection of plodding industrialized, heaviness, highly influential.

SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY – “Dead Weather Machine” CD $10
Ominous Dark experiments with a curious environmental element, sourced from a decrepit heater.

SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY – “Dead Weather Machine – Re:Heat” CD $10
A reinterpretation of the material from “Dead Weather Machine”, just as cryptic and sinister.

Presented as a soundtrack, this is evolving Dark Ambient from a VEDISNI member.

SPIRAL – “In The Realm Of The Spiral” CDR $7
Billed as Dada/Power Electronics, unique Death Industrial with some great sounds.

SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS – “Central Node Recording” CDR $8
Dark analog electronics and surgical ambient. Excellent.

STABAT MORS – “Duras, Mom Amour” CDR $8
Strangely atmospheric Dark Noise, mixing dirty textures, samples, Junk Noise and electronics.

Obscure Noise Ambient and frenetic beat distortions.

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESIS – “Light Reflected On A Cold Cutting Table” CD $11
Grim mix of Power Electronics and Dark Ambient sensibilities. Outstanding.

STEGM – “The Stench Of A Coward” CD $8
Scathing Harsh Noise attach from this ex-FLATLINE CONSTRUCT member.

STRATVM TERROR – “Genetic Implosion” CD $12
Excellent Power Electronics/Death Industrial from the man behind RAISON D’ETRE.

STRATVM TERROR – “The Only True Septic Whore” CD $12
Classic Death Industrial includes material from two oop cassettes and an unreleased track.

STREICHER – “War Without End” CD $10
Lo-Fi millitant Dark Noise/Power Electronics from Australia.

SUBARACHNOID SPACE – “These Things Take Time” CD $9
Heavy droning guitars, and fuzzed out improvisational dirges.

SUBTERRANEAN SOURCE – “Vivid Circles” CD $10
Cryptic Dark Ambient , deeply subtle and well crafted member of RED SECTOR A.

SI frenetic Harsh Noise, MSBR dense abrasions and grueling electronics recorded live.

SUDDEN INFANT – “Ear Wash” CD $9
Avant-garde heavy Noise experiments and abrasive soundscapes.

SUKORA – “Center” CDR $6
Minimalist Dark Ambient that uses quiet and space to make it’s point.

Eclectic Experimental, oddly detail compositions, beats, drifts, crackles, pulses. Unique.

SWORD VOLCANO COMPLEX, THE – “Phosphorescent” CD $8
Unique blend of Neo-Folk/Classical, Environmental, Ambient and Spoken Word.

To order or inquire about availability contact.


TARMVRED – “Subfusc” CD $9
73min of foreboding atmosphere and distorted beats.

TECHNO MENSES – “Lazar Blade 2” CDR $6

3 Way Split of Harsh Noise and Heavy Electronics, excellent.

Collaboration mixing Noise Ambient atmosphere, sparse rhythmic elements and humming electronics.

Dark Dub, minimal Glitch and ambient trances from the HALO side project.

TERROR ORGAN – “The Stalag Symphony” CD $9
Death Industrial/Power Electronics infused with distorted bass guitar.

TERROR ORGAN – “Buzzbomb” CD $9
Power Electronics for an ex-ANGLECORPSE member, fetishistic, primal assault.

TERTIUM NON DATA – “The Third Is Not Given” CD $10
Excellent cinematic Dark Ambient, meticulously detailed and grim.

THIS MORN OMINA – “7 Years Of Famine” CD $9
Tribal rhythms, ritualistic and ethnic elements mixed generously into Dark Electronics.

THOMAS DIMUZIO – “Markoff Process” CD $8
Dense, evolving dark experiments, a great sounding collection of live performances.

THROBBING GRISTLE – “Assume Power Focus” CD $10
Re-issue of this sonic manifesto featuring 2 exclusiv and unreleased tracks.

THROES OF DAWN – “Binding Of The Spirit” CD $10
Powerful Dark Metal that weaves melody and aggression into a depressive journey.

TODAY… I’M DEAD – “S/T” 3″ CDR $7
Italian Death Industrial/Power Electronics, 2 rare tracks, 1 live and 2 previously unreleased.

TODAY IS THE DAY – “Temple Of The Morning Star” CD $8
Misanthropic and dissonant Noise Rock from this legendary band, Essential.

TOTE STADT – “Dead CD/Hard Dada” CDR $6
Buzzing electronics and Harsh Noise with elements or Dark Ambient and Darkwave that creep in.

TRAVIS MORGAN – “Transcending Stoic Pattern” CDR $7
Deep, churning Death Industrial, well done.

TRIAGE – “The Cessation Of Spoil” CD $10
Droning, clinical electronics, and pervasive dark atmospheres. collaboration between RUHR HUNTER & GRUNTSPLATTER

TRIAL OF THE BOW – “Rite Of Passage” CD $9
Exceptional release of Ritual/Ethnic instrumentation and stirring Ambient.

TUGEND – “Optimism Is for The Weak” CD $8
Re-Issue, foreboding Dark Electronics and stalwart militarism.

TUSKS OF BLOOD – “SPirit Of Decay” 7″ $5
4 Tracks of heavy Sludge/Doom feat Member of ALDEBARAN.

To order or inquire about availability contact.


UNSANE – “Lambhouse: Collection 91-98” CD/DVD $ 12
Collected tracks spanning their early years, with bonus DVD of video and live footage.

UNTIL DEATH OVERTAKES ME – “Symphony III Monolith” CD $9
4 Epic tracks of one-man Funeral Doom from Belgium.

To order or inquire about availability contact.

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