Professor Gruntsplatter's SpookatoriumProfessor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium is the name of a podcast I have done in fits and starts since the Autumn of 2006. The first 14 episodes were just music, with the 15th episode I began including strange tales of a Fortean nature and maintained that through Autumn of 2008. For the next couple years all was quiet.

In the fall of 2011 I revived the show for its 5th anniversary. The new episodes featured the same music and high strangeness that filled the show when it ceased but with this incarnation weird tales and supernatural horror were chucked into the Spookatorium sausage skin. I only managed a couple of episodes with this revised format, bringing the total episodes in the books to 28.

Those last two episodes were probably my favorites. While I hesitate to proclaim any sort of schedule, I expect the Spookatorium has not been shuttered for good. I liked where it was going.

You can check out the site here: The feed is still available on iTunes, or you can subscribe directly with ProfessorGruntsplattersSpookatorium.

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