To order or inquire about availability contact. I’m still sorting out the shipping, email your requests and I will let you know.


MANAZ – “On A Lonely Rainy Day” 3″ CDR $6
Melodic Dark Ambient and ethereal drifts.

MANDIBLE CHATTER – “Of Foreign Lands And People” CD $10
Intriguing mix of Folk instrumentation, percussive Ambient, and field Recordings, nicely done.

MARAX – “Feel Free To Fuck Me” CDR $6
Reissue of OOP Cassette,  Harsh Noise and Power Electronics attacks.

MASON JONES – “Midnight In The Twilight Factory” CD $10
4 lengthy tracks of droning guitar experiments and ambient, 2 Studio and 2 Live.

MASTODON – “Remission” CD $11
Heavy Noise Rock from these guys, you’ve probably heard of them…

Stirring dark sound experiments, real instruments, simple melodies, and Ambient. Great.

MELEK-THA – “War Is Coming” CD $11
Brutish, percussive bombast meet Black Rituals.

MERZBOW – “Venereology” CD $11
Harsh Noise Assaults from the granddaddy.

MERZBOW – “Tauromachine” CD $11
Dense Heavy Electronics and Grating Noise.

MERZBOW – “Collapse 12 Floors” CD $11
Orchestrated chaos, harsh to subdued, pulsing to manic, ashes to ashes.

METHADRONE – “Erroneous Enlightenment” CDR $8
Primitive Doom, 2 basses, no guitars! Feat member of INCANTATION.

MINDSPAWN – “Null Infinite” CD $9
Slithering Dark Electronics and Ambient atmospheres with a lot of attention to detail.

MINUS – “S/T” CDR $7
Abrasive shifting Noise and grinding Heavy Electronics.

MNEM – “For Delta Relics” CD $11
dark Experimental with feedback, loop, and rhythmic elements. Unique.

Rich, tonal Dark Ambient. Minimal yet powerfully engaging.

MONDBLUT – “Scorn” CD $11
Dark melody and Ritualism meet minimal electronic beats and distant Ambient.

MONSTRARE – “Ist Et”CD $10
Haunted Dark Ambient Feat: member of VEDISNI.

MOURMANSK 150 – “Catharsism Of A Trigger” CD $11

MOZ – “Zastuon” CS $5

MSBR – “Structured Suicide” CDR $9
Remixed material from 1992 + New Track, Evolving, controlled, abrasive Noise & grinding sonics.

MSBR/RICHARD RAMIREZ – “Sonic Aggression” CDR $9
Reissue of CS Collab: Dark textures with Harsh Noise.

M. SLAGLE – “An Explanation Of The Past” CD $10
Nicely done cinematic dark Soundscapes and shifting textures

Pure CD, Lo-Fi Italian Dark Ambient and Death Industrial.

MURDEROUS VISION – “The Time Without Gods” CD $11
Deep Ritual Ambient, sparse cavernous beats and orchestration.

MV: Swirling Dark Ambient and Death Industrial AC: Dark Electronics and minimal beats.

MURDEROUS VISION/KURU – “Blood-Brain Barrier” CDR $9
Fantastic combination of Death Industrial and Power Electronics from both projects.

MYSTERIAN – ” A Rose For The Dying” CD $10
Medieval dirges and melody swirl with disembodied vocals.

To order or inquire about availability contact.


Creeping Ambient and Dark Noise, At times drifting at others sinister and rhythmic.

NECROPHORUS – “Gathering Composed Thought” CD $11
Primordial Ambient electronics, collection of rare, out of print, and unreleased RAISON D’ETRE side project.

NECROPHORUS – “Drifting In Motion” CD $12
Lush and fluid Ambient from this RAISON D’ETRE side project, wonderful.

NELS CLINE & DEVIN SARNO – “Buried On Bunker Hill” CD $10
Droning guitar and bass ambient mixed with subtle electronics and noise.

NEVER PRESENCE FOREVER – “Disturbed Visceral Nociception” CD $10
Well conceived Bleak Minimalism and Dark Ambient scraped with melody and abrasion, deep and rich.

NIGHTMARE LODGE – “Blind Miniatures” CD $10
Dark Orchestrations and enigmatic rhythmic currents, an elegant journey.

NIGHTMARE LODGE – “Tentacled: A Nightmare Lodge Anthology” CD $10
re-record and remixed material from 1987-97 that showcases a spectrum of Dark Electronics.

Droning environmental drifts inspired by JOHN CAGE.

NITROUS FLESH – “Shadow Fracture” CD $10
Ritual Ambient and Dark Noise excursions.

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS – “Viral Shedding” CD $11
Old-School Industrial experiments from this long running project.

NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT – “Officina Gentium Vagina Nationum” CD $12
Bleak Minimalism and exasperating darkness.

NOS – “Not Otherwise Specified” CD$9
Excellent Dark Dub beats against drifting Experimental backdrops.

NOTHING – “The Spine Overshadowed By The Rope” CD $10
2 Lengthy tracks, One live, and and one an assemblage of past NOTHING tracks remixed by MICHAEL HENSLEY of YEN POX/BLOOD BOX. Smothering Dark Ambient and frenetic, distorted rhythmic blasts. Feat; Member of AGALLOCH.

NOVATRON – “New Rising Sun” CD $11
Excellent Dark Electronics and distorted rhythms Feat: member of SKULLFLOWER.

To order or inquire about availability contact.

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