Grimes was a short lived side-project. It explored more beat driven Power Noise/Trance avenues that are combined with drifting noise to juxtapose the evolving washes with the urgency of the rhythmic elements. Based around a very free form concept, all material was improvised around evolving beat structures.

It began as a lighthearted experiment never meant for release. However within a matter of a couple days an hour of material was completed that went on to become the “The Infernal Machinations of Hell’s Grim Tyrant” cassette. I expected that to be the quick end of the project, but the cassette received a lot of positive feedback, and generated additional interested. 3 tracks contributed to the “An Anthology of Noise Vol. 1” double CDR compilation on Fusion Audio Recordings followed and marked the end.

Complete Discography…

“The Infernal Machinations Of Hell’s Grim Tyrant” – MC
limited to 50 – Troniks – August 1999
“V/A – An Anthology Of Noise” – 2CDR
limited to 75 – three tracks appear – Fusion Audio – 2CDR – 2000