Crionic Mind started in 1995 as a label for my own music with the intention to grow it into a label that focused on under appreciated projects that were doing something special.

Just as the label was hitting its stride in 2002 a rats nest of personal and financial setbacks converged, preventing me continuing at that time. During the time that I was unable to focus on the label I came to realize I didn’t really miss it. I was proud of each of the records Crionic Mind released, they were good experiences with good people. The feedback was better than I could have hoped. The label managed to have an identity that was its own. Based on the music, the aesthetics, you had a pretty good idea where Crionic Mind was coming from. But I didn’t have the urge to revive it.

In 2018. I started recording again and had a surplus of music suddenly. I put those things up on Bandcamp without a label affiliation and was fine with that. These releases have since been rolled into Crionic Mind as digital releases.

At the end of 2020 my wife passed away. I recorded two albums as a way to try and process that. Once I had them finished I wasn’t sure what to do with them the. I started the label back up as an outlet for the music and also to have something to focus on.

The response has been encouraging, and it’s been nice renewing some old friendships. If it can maintain itself – where one release pays for the next, I will try and keep it going. Smaller runs, fewer distributors than the old days it seems, but aside from that there’s no grand philosophical difference from what I want to do with it. Except, ultimately I hope to phase out the distro.

Complete Discography…

CM001 – Torture Chamber/Gruntsplatter – “Bisect: A 90 Min. Split” CS Ltd to 100 – Released 1995 – Sold Out
CM002 – Cinder Skin – “Sunken” CS Ltd to 200 – in 1996 – Sold Out
CM003 – Gruntsplatter/Slowvent – “Split Release” CD Ltd to 500 – December 1998 – Sold Out
CM004 – Umbra – “Perish” CDR Ltd to 30 – September 1999 – Sold Out
CM005 – Lefthandeddecision – “Instinct & Emotion” CD Ltd to 496 – April 2000 – Sold Out
CM006 – Deison – “Dirty Blind Vortex” CD Ltd to 500 – November 2000 – Sold Out
CM007 – KK Null/Moz – “A Split Release” CD Ltd to 500 – November 2000
CM008 – Wilt – “Wither” CD Ltd to 500 – Released May 2001 – Sold Out
CM009 – Never Presence Forever – “Disturbed Visceral Nociception” CD Ltd to 500 – January 2002
CM010 – Exsanguinate – “The Black Acts” CD Ltd to 500 – January 2002 – Sold Out
CM011 – Cold Electric Fire – “In Nights Dream We Are Ghosts” CD Ltd to 500 – July 2002
CM012- Gruntsplatter – “Bisect: 20th Anniversary Reissue” Digital – November 2015
CM013 – Snaig Tharta – “lighthunter ep” Digital – July 2018
CM014 – The Corvidae Cabal – “The Ineffable Nighttide” Digital – September 2018
CM015 – The Corvidae Cabal – “Call Of The Absurd” Digital – September 2018
CM016 – The Corvidae Cabal – “Betwixt & Between” Digital – October 2018
CM017 – The Corvidae Cabal – “In Peculiar Air” Digital – November 2018
CM018 – Gruntsplatter – “Accidental Alchemy – Early Works” Digital – April 2020
CM019 – The Corvidae Cabal – “Seeing Time” Digital – Released December 2020 – CD Ltd to 200 – April 2021
CM020 – Gruntsplatter – “Dowsing In The Cancer Lands” CD Ltd to 300 & Digital – April 2021
CM021 – Envenomist & ΘTheta – “The Barrens” CD Ltd to 200 & Digital – February 2022
CM022 – The Corvidae Cabal – “The Gossamer Bridge” CD Ltd to 150 & Digital – February 2022
CM023 – Gruntsplatter – “The Passions Of A Cripple (Reissue)” Digital – April 2022
CM024 – Underneath The Deadlight – “Angelic Void” CD Ltd to 200 & Digital – August 2022
CM025 – ΘTheta/Envenomist/Gruntsplatter – “At The End Of The Road” CD Ltd to 200 & Digital – August 2022

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