Crionic Mind Records


Crionic Mind started in 1995 as a label for my own music with the intention to grow it into a label that focused on under appreciated projects that were doing something special.

Just as the label was hitting its stride in 2002 a rats nest of personal and financial setbacks converged, preventing me from releasing CM012. This was to be a double CD compilation called “Those Of The Long Shadows.” The release was finished. The art was done, music mastered, it was at the pressing plant and scheduled for a October 2002 release. It  was not to be.

During the time that I was unable to focus on the label I came to realize I didn’t really miss it.  I realized if and when I was in a position to revive the label I wasn’t sure I would want to.

I am proud of each of the records Crionic Mind released, they were good experiences with good people. The feedback on the releases and label was better than I could have hoped. It managed to have an identity that was its own. Based on the music, the aesthetics, you had a pretty good idea where Crionic Mind was coming from.

For those that supported it and became comrades along the way, thanks very much. There are a few titles that are still available and a few that aren’t. I hesitate to pronounce the label dead, but I don’t foresee a time when I will return to releasing CD’s.

Complete Discography…

CM001Torture Chamber/Gruntsplatter – “Bisect: A 90 Min. Split” CS – Limited to 100 – Released in 1995 – Sold Out
CM002Cinder Skin – “Sunken” CS Limited to 200 – Released in 1996 – Sold Out
CM003Gruntsplatter/Slowvent – “Split Release” CD – Limited to 500 – Released December 1998 – Sold Out
CM004Umbra – “Perish” CDR – Limited to 30 – Released September 1999 – Sold Out
CM005Lefthandeddecision – “Instinct & Emotion” CD Limited to 496 – Released April 2000 – Sold Out
CM006Deison – “Dirty Blind Vortex” CD – Limited to 500 – Released November 2000 – Sold Out
CM007KK Null/Moz – “A Split Release” CD – Limited to 500 – Released November 2000
CM008Wilt – “Wither” CD – Limited to 500 – Released May 2001
CM009Never Presence Forever – “Disturbed Visceral Nociception” CD – Limited to 500 – Released January 2002
CM010Exsanguinate – “The Black Acts” CD – Limited to 500 – Released January 2002 – Sold Out
CM011Cold Electric Fire – “In Nights Dream We Are Ghosts” CD – Limited to 500 – Released July 2002


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