The first recordings for The Corvidae Cabal were in 2008, and are unreleased. When I started recording again more seriously in 2016 I used this name for things that didn’t quite sound like Gruntsplatter to me. Ultimately, this project will run parallel with Gruntsplatter, but give me an outlet for different sounds that don’t quite fit in. It’s not dissimilar to Gruntsplatter, but it’s not the same either, and I feel like I have more leeway to go wherever I want with this project. Dark atmospheric electronics, some of it with beats, some not.

The name is a deliberate nod to the idea of diverse sounds. A cabal is not one person, it is many. I’m realizing everything I do still sounds like me to a degree, but The Corvidae Cabal is for stretching my curiosity and exploring a bit more than Gruntsplatter. Tied in with that, the themes of this project are more esoteric and Fortean, than the kind of social commentary that has been the bedrock of Gruntsplatter.

The Corvidae Cabal Discography…
“The Ineffable Nighttide” – Digital – Crionic Mind (September 2018)
“Call of The Absurd” – Digital – Crionic Mind (September 2018)
“Betwixt & Between” – Digital – Crionic Mind (October 2018)
“In Peculiar Air” – Digital – Crionic Mind (November 2018)
“Seeing Time” – Digital/CD Lmt 200 – Crionic Mind (December 2020/April 2021)
“Primordial Shadows w/ ΘTheta” – Digital/CDR – Total Division (2021)
“The Gossamer Bridge” Digital/ CD Lmt 150 – Crionic Mind (February 2022)