Writing is something that has been with me for as long as I can remember. If you have heard my music or seen my design work, my subject matter won’t surprise you.

I co-edited Worm Gear zine for years both during it’s 11 issue print run and for a good portion of its subsequent move to the web. I conducted a number of interviews and more record reviews than I would ever wish to count. I also wrote the occasional guest piece for other outlets. Additionally, I had the opportunity to contribute a chapter on the Power Electronics scene in the US for the book Fight Your Own War, published by Headpress from the UK.

During the time when I wasn’t really making music I started writing short fiction again. My stories are probably best described as horror or “weird tales.” They are not so much about scares as what is real in the places that aren’t quite real. The abstract, and not so abstract, themes of my music run all through it. It can’t be helped. I haven’t done much in the way of submitting for publication yet. I want to write good stories. When I’m convinced I’ve done that, I will look toward publication.

I have had one short story turned into a short film back in 2014. Two different student groups made versions of my story Honey Do, but I have only been able to find the version Kaytee Pomeroy did online. This was created as part of an Adapting Story for Screen class at the Art Institute of Portland. You can see it here. It’s different than the story in some ways, but also captures the ideas quite well.

Most recently I contributed two pieces to “The Day Man Lost” art book by Jonathan Canady. One was a rewrite of an idea Jonathan has written called “Pyramid World” and the other is a retelling of the Greek myth of Erysichthon and Demeter’s Grove, called “Earth Tearer”.

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