CM011 Cold Electric Fire – “In Nights Dream We Are Ghosts”
CD Ltd to 500 – Released July 2002 – Available
COLD ELECTRIC FIRE create a deeply personal and unique style of organic Dark Ambient. Using atypical sources and instrumentation to compose provocative excursions of contemplation and smoldering atmosphere. Sobering emotions writhe amid a well of black textures and delicate melodies, congealing into a monumental release of truly original dark electronics.

CM010 Exsanguinate – “The Black Acts”
CD Ltd to 500 – Released January 2002 – Sold Out
EXSANGUINATE is the Death Industrial project from Thomas Garrison of the Power Electronics behemoth CONTROL. “The Black Acts” contains 13 tracks of landmark Dark Electronics, meticulously layered and constructed these tracks grate and churn forth the repugnance in the human extreme with a sonic exploration of torture techniques through the ages. Dense composition, evolving frequencies and a tragic ferocity make Exsanguinate another exceptional Dark Noise project from American shores. Exceptional.

CM009 Never Presence Forever – “Disturbed Visceral Nociception”
CD Ltd to 500 – Released January 2002 – Available
NEVER PRESENCE FOREVER unravel slowly with a profoundly well conceived album of Bleak Minimalism and Dark Ambience. To this foundation they add somniferous hints of melody, abrasion and rhythmic punctuation. Rich textural drifts and detailed craftsmanship give this release a enveloping penetration and depth. NPF has a few limited releases but “Disturbed Visceral Nociception” is the marks the first widely available release.

CM008 Wilt – “Wither”
CD Ltd to 500 – Released May 2001 – Sold Out
Wilt extol the invisible corners of the thirsty earth with this exaltation of decay and reclamation. Best described as Noise Ambient, “Wither” is a aural quagmire of dusky vapors and ivy draped relics, grating erosions and the thorny shadows that rise and fall across dying landscapes. Moldering Dark Noise from this inspired American project.

CM007 KK Null/Moz – “A Split Release”
CD Ltd to 500 – Released November 2000 – Available
KK NULL presents five new tracks of frenetic electronics and rhythmic experiments, ranging from cacophonous to an almost tribal atmosphere. Ever evolving within a sphere of obscure tension the details reveal themselves with a stalwart elegance. MOZ delivers 6 tracks of socially introspective Death Industrial and Dark Ambient. Drifting slabs contrast sharply with vitriolic sonics to render this misshapen pillar of sobering electronics.

CM006 Deison – “Dirty Blind Vortex”
CD Ltd to 500 – Released November 2000 – Sold Out
A fuming miasma of desiccated frequencies and oppressive atmospheres from this Italian purveyor of Death Industrial & Dark Ambient. “Dirty Blind Vortex” is a cryptic snarl of emotion and obsession, impulse and lethargy. Features contributions from SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS, GOVT. ALPHA, BAAL, R.H.Y. YAU, LASSE MARHAUG and more.

CM005 Lefthandeddecision – “Instinct & Emotion”
CD Limited to 496 – Released April 2000 – Sold Out
“Instinct & Emotion” marks the first widely available release from project with nearly 35 releases and compilation appearances on the books at the time of release. “Instinct & Emotion” is a guttural deluge of constrictive Heavy Electronics, thick, grinding frequencies & acidic vocals, that maintains an underlying subtle darkness beneath it all. The first 50 copies came with an additional CDR called “Personal Precision” of new and out of print material as well as various odd & ends from the artist.

CM004 Umbra – “Perish”
CDR Ltd to 30 – Released September 1999 – Sold Out
This was a joint release with Live Bait Recording Foundation. “Perish” is a 35minute live recording captured direct from the board during what was the only UMBRA live show that will likely ever take place. A churning, evolving mass of Dark Electronics and drifting textures from this collaboration between MURDEROUS VISION & GRUNTSPLATTER.

CM003 Gruntsplatter/Slowvent – “Split Release”
CD Ltd to 500 – Released December 1998 – Sold Out
This marks the first CD release for CRIONIC MIND. GRUNTSPLATTER provide 30 minutes of grim Noise Ambient and darkened isolationist textures. Rich with subtlety and introspective horror. SLOWVENT make their debut appearance with 30 minutes of viscous Death Industrial. With thick, low end electronics, sluggish rhythmic distortions and subterranean atmospheres grind forth. The projects compliment each other well, while remaining distinct.

CM002 Cinder Skin – “Sunken”
CS Ltd 200 – Released in 1996 – Sold Out – Digital in 2022
Bringing together elements of Death Metal, early Industrial, Noise Rock and Noise, CINDER SKIN his beyond the usual hybrid metal project. Discordant, bass heavy rhythms, frantic drum programming, and swells of noise stitched together with a visceral vocal delivery. This is 25 minutes of abrasive and ugly music, unsettling and raw. Side project of GRUNTSPLATTER. In 2022, I issued a re-eq’d and boosted digital version of this as “Pay What You Want” to make these long out of print tracks available again.

CM001 Torture Chamber/Gruntsplatter – “Bisect: A 90 Min. Split”
CS Ltd to 100 Released in 1995 – Sold Out
TORTURE CHAMBER features a monolithic wall of crushing Power Electronics & militant social commentary recorded live. Members of this project went on to form DEATHPILE & A MINORITY OF ONE. GRUNTSPLATTER presents and organic churning, dense walls of feedback, found sounds, vocal noise and occasional drum machine abuse flesh to out their side. A dark and violent display from both projects.