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Chris Dodge & Dave Witte collaboration of searing avant-garde Grindcore.

ECHO WEST – “Echoes Of The West” CD $11
Grimy , primitive Industrial in the vein of KLINIK or VOMITO NEGRO, excellent.

ELEMENTAL CHRYSALIS, THE – “The Calocybe Collection” CD $12
Organic Funeral Folk with traditional instruments and woodland atmosphere.  feat. member of BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL.

ELHAZ  – “The Black Flame” CD $10
Nice work that combines Dark Electronics with a touch of Doom Metal.

ELLENDE – “No Holiday Without a Funeral… Damaged Beyond Repair” DCDR $10
2xCDR of evocative dark Drones, ambient and subdued noise. Nice.

ENCOMIAST – “Havens” CDR $7

ENDURA – “Elder Signs”  DCD $14
Unreleased & Out of Print material from 95-96, including “Dreams of Dark Waters”. Ritual Ambient majesty.

ESPECIALLY LIKELY SLOTH – “But If What He’ll What Ant” CD $7
Irreverent electronics and manic energy explode in this unique project, think RESIDENTS meet MR BUNGLE. Feat: member of AGALLOCH.

ESPECIALLY LIKELY SLOTH – “Round The Corner Fudge Is Made” CDR $5
Collection of rarities from this one of a kind experimental spastic.

EVERMORK – “Astral Forest Winds” MCD $7
Well written, melodic and catchy Black Metal.

EXSANGUINATE/[l-i-t-d-n-a] – “Allegory Of Death” CD $11
Split CD of cryptic, gritty Death Industrial and Dark Ambient. EXS: is a side project of CONTROL.

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FOTB: Raw, unique Black Metal, WW: Epic, crusty Doom. 7″

FIRE IN THE HEAD – “Ignite/Sumbit” CDR $8
Caustic Power Electronics/Death Industrial with depth.

Ominous Dark Power Electronics and Death Industrial , great eeriness to it.

FRANCISCO LOPEZ – “Untitled #90” CD $8
Drifting static minimalism, in equally minimal packaging.

FULCI – “Dead Lights, Red Sky” CDR $7

FUNERARY DIRGE – “Prologue: Memoria In Aeterna” CDR $7
Morose Funeral Doom, Epic, primal sadness. Nice.

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GACKY – “S/T” 3″ CDR $5
Dark Ambient, orchestration and saturating distorted beats.

GEOMATIC – “Control Agents” CD $10
Dark Electronics with sporadic rhythmic injections and lots of atmosphere.

GODFLESH – “Messiah” MCD $9
4 Tracks and 4 alt. mixes. Excellent as always from the masters.

GOLIAH – “S/T” CS $5
Three tracks of Pure- era GODFLESH inspired goodness.

GOSLINGS, THE – “Spaceheater/Perfect Interior” CD $10

GOVERNMENT ALPHA – “Sporadic Spectra” CD $11
A whirlwind of jagged horror, barbarous Harsh Noise from Japan.

GRAVITAR – “Edifer” CD $10
Heavy Drone and discordant guitar improv, plodding noisy goodness.

GRAVITAR – “Now The Road Of Knives” CD $10
Crushing improvisational dirges of of psyched out guitars, noise and feedback.

GRAVITAR – “You Must First Learn To Draw The Real” CD $10
Droning guitars, experimentation and caterwauling heaviness.

GREEN ARMY FRACTION – “Norrlandsvisor” 3″ CDR $6

GREY WOLVES – “Blood and Sand” CD $12
Provocative Dark Electronics centered around the Gulf War.

GRUNTSPLATTER – “Pest Maiden” CD $7
Desolate Dark Ambient based on the plague, remastered re-issue of OOP 7″ and CS.

GRUNTSPLATTER – “The Eulogists Assembly” CD $11
Grimy electronics and dense ambient with an with old-Industrial elements.

GRUNTSPLATTER – “The Aberrant Laboratory” CD $11
Brooding Ambient, cutting frequencies, odd melody and early Industrial sounds explore disorienting planes.

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