image0Crionic Mind started as a Record Label & Distro in 1995. After 11 releases the label wound down around 2002ish. In 2021 revived the label with a series of Digital and CD releases.

I’m not sure what the future holds, or how long I’ll keep this going. The landscape is significantly different now, particularly in regard to distribution, and the increased expense of shipping overseas. We’ll see if I can find a way that this continues to make sense.

My primary musical project since 1994 or so has been Gruntsplatter. In 2018 I started an additional project called The Corvidae Cabal. Those two entities are where most of my musical energy goes, but there have been past solo projects under the name  Grimes & Cinder Skin, and I have been involved in several collaborative projects, Snaig Tharta, Triage, Blunt Force Trauma, Umbra, and Circadian. And collaborated with Wilt and Theta under our own project names.

Beyond the music & the label, I co-edited Worm Gear zine for many years during it’s run from the mid 90’s to mid 00’s, contributed to the Headpress Publications book on Power Electronics and Noise Culture, “Fight Your Own War”  and have sporadically done a podcast called Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium. I’ve also done design for a number of projects over the years, including: Dissecting Table, Inanna, Chaos As Shelter, Control, Navicon Torture Technologies, Steel Hook Prostheses, Luasa Raelon and a host of others.

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