Triage was a collaborative project between Scott Candey of Gruntsplatter and Chet Scott of Ruhr Hunter. We began recording for Triage in mid-1997, and quickly put together about 40 minutes of material before being disrupted by a fire that destroyed the flat that we shared at the time. After the post-fire chaos subsided, we returned our attention to the project.

Triage made its first audio appearance on the “Baited Breath” double cassette compilation with a track called “Organism.” A full length album entitled “The Cessation Of Spoil” followed.

“The Cessation of Spoil” while only containing one of the “pre-fire” tracks, marked the first time that we both felt we’d achieved what we saw as this collaborations potential. Combining an older Industrial feel with clinical Power Electronics and organic drones this record marked new territory for each of the contributors and emerged as a unique addition to each of our discographies.

Complete Discography…

“V/A – Baited Breath” – Track “Organism” – 2xCS
limited to 100 – Live Bait Recording Foundation – November 1998
“The Cessation Of Spoil” – CD
limited to 500 – Glass Throat Recordings – February 2000