CM026 Gruntsplatter – “Funeral Watching”
Digital – Released December2022 – Available
10 Tracks, 53 minutes of murky dystopian Death Industrial and Dark Ambient. Continuing the concepts the fueled Chronicling The Famine and The Eulogists Assembly, Funeral Watching is the next step of the cycle of societal decay wrought by the machinations of elective oblivion and progress. A CD version will see the light in 2023 with the 4th installment of the cycle.

CM025 Θ / Envenomist / Gruntsplatter – “At The End Of The Road”
CD Ltd to 200 & Digital – Released August 2022 – Available
Working on the recently released “The Barrens” it was suggested the three of us do something together, and here it is. At The End OF The Road inhabits the abandoned places, the secrets and stains that linger beneath the ruin. A haunted Noise Ambient pilgrimage to the belly of isolation. 6 panel Digipak

CM024 Underneath The Deadlight – “Angelic Void”
CD Ltd to 200 & Digital – Released August 2022 – Available
Mexico’s Underneath The Deadlight deliver a scathing brand of Black Industrial that I have struggled to find words for. Dark industrial elements smeared with searing black metal flavors that are mixed to create something even greater than the sum of its parts. Menacing, diabolical, and a flavor unto itself. 6 panel Digipak

CM023 Gruntsplatter – “The Passions Of A Cripple (Reissue)”
Digital – Released April 2022 – Available
This release is much closer to Power Electronics than a majority of Gruntsplatter material. Scathing electronics, seared vocals, crumbling Noise that retains some of that layered atmosphere that is central to the project. Originally released in 2005 as a 6 Song 12″ LP by Force of Nature records. This digital reissue takes the original tracks, and adds 3 additional bonus tracks. All the tracks have been re-eq’d and remastered.

CM022 The Corvidae Cabal – “The Gossamer Bridge”
CD Ltd to 150 & Digital – Released February 2022 – Available
A numinous foray into the dim parlours and spirit lodges that seek to facilitate communication between the realms of life and death. Evocative, malleable Dark Ambient at the precipice of the thrumming veil. 4 panel digipak.

CM021 Envenomist & Θ (Theta)“The Barrens”
CD Ltd to 200 & Digital – Released February 2022 – Available
A seamless collaboration between these two exceptional projects that makes for a saturating listen. Heavy, cinematic Dark Ambient for blast zones and those quiet moments after the bombs go off. Desolate, windswept, haunted electronics. 4 panel digipak.

CM020 Gruntsplatter – “Dowsing In The Cancer Lands”
CD Ltd to 300 & Digital – Released April 2021 – Available
The last ashes of the map vanished early. Breach the places one hopes to never see, that cannot be unseen. Grateful for every groping moment still to come, for every ember in the fog.
The first new GRUNTSPLATTER album since 2006 is a claustrophobic trek through the trials of medicine and disease. Woven threads of Dark Ambient, Death Industrial, and Noise in evolving states are still the foundation of the sound after all these years. 6 panel digipak.
“expertly crafted and surprising vital sounding recording.” – Noise Receptor

CM019 The Corvidae Cabal – “Seeing Time”
Digital – Released December 2020 – CD Ltd to 200 – Released April 2021 – Available
The first full length from this GRUNTSPLATTER side project. Psychotropic, spacious and rhythmic. Seeing Time explores the end of life process the mind goes through to prepare for transitioning to the next stage. In that avalanche of disjointed thoughts, there are clues into the nature of death, and other lives. 4 panel digipak.
“a strong and creative take on a dark ambient/death industrial sound.” – Noise Receptor”

CM018 Gruntsplatter – “Accidental Alchemy – Early Works”
Digital – Released April 2020 – Available
This is a digital reissue of the the GRUNTSPLATTER material from two early splits that were released in1998, one with RUHR HUNTER on Glass Throat Recordings, and one with SLOWVENT released on Crionic Mind. It also includes a couple of compilation tracks (one remixed) and a previously unreleased track from the same era. All material has been mastered for the first time. Roiling, atmospheric Dark Ambient and Death Industrial that shows the project finding it’s focus.

CM017 The Corvidae Cabal – “In Peculiar Air”
Digital – Released November 2018 – Available
“In Peculiar Air” explores those times when it just feels like the atmosphere around you is carrying some long held secret. The most rhythmic of the 4 EP’s the beats are wrapped in unsettling psychedelic textures and a sense of celestial predation. Pt 4 of 4 initial EP’s for this project.

CM016 The Corvidae Cabal – “Betwixt & Between”
Digital – Released October 2018 – Available
The Corvidae Cabal is Scott Candey from GRUNTSPLATTER. “Betwixt and Between” draws inspiration from liminal spaces and “window areas” believed to have elevated occurrences of high strangeness. Perhaps the most similar to GRUNTSPLATTER of the 4 initial TCC releases, The tension and abrasion is ratcheted it up this time. Pt 3 of 4 initial EP’s for this project.

CM015 The Corvidae Cabal – “Call Of The Absurd”
Digital – Released September 2018 – Available
“Call Of The Absurd” takes it’s title from Bernado Kastrup’s catch all phrase for unusual phenomenon and explores several, lingering a bit on abduction concepts. Disorienting electronics, enveloping textures, and subtle rhythms. Pt 2 of 4 initial EP’s for this project.

CM014 The Corvidae Cabal – “The Ineffable Nighttide”
Digital – Released September 2018 – Available
The Corvidae Cabal is Scott Candey from GRUNTSPLATTER. “The Ineffable Nighttide” explores anomalous sleep phenomenon through evolving, dark electronics, downtempo rhythmic elements and otherworldly ambiance. Pt 1 of 4 initial EP’s for this project.

CM013 Snaig Tharta – “lighthunter ep”
Digital – Released July 2018 – Available
Snaig Tharta was a collaborative project between Scott Candey of GRUNTSPLATTER & his wife Nora Candey. It’s difficult to compartmentalize, Experimental Darkwave, Lynchian Dream Pop, Doomy Space Rock, Shoegaze… there is some of all that and into the miasma of swirling guitars and electronics traditional instruments like harp, violin, and banjo are nestled in. Nora has since passed away. At some point in the future I may remix this with additional tracks for a proper release.

CM012 Gruntsplatter – “Bisect: 20th Anniversary Reissue”
Digital – Released November 2015 – Available
This is a digital reissue of the GRUNTSPLATER side of the original “Bisect” split with TORTURE CHAMBER that was releases in 1995 as Crionic Mind’s initial offering. The material includes all 8 tracks from the original release as well as on previously unreleased track from the same time period. Everything was re-eq’d and boosted. This was done as a “Pay What You Want” release, to keep these these long out of print origin tracks available for the curious.