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 K2 – “Molekular Terrorism” CD $11
Dark Noise mixed with Cut-Up, Environmental, found sounds & various eclectic elements.

KAPOTTE MUZIEK – “The Malevolent Ear” CD $9
Icy minimalistic Experimental and Cut-Up, Nice.

KARSTEN HAMRE – “Broken Whispers” CD $9

KATASTROFIALUE – “Tuskatakuu 94-98” CDR $7
36 tracks of driving Finnish Crust in DVD case w/ booklet.

KEROVNIAN – “From The Depths Of Haron” CD $11
Bleak Death Ambient drifts and subtle percussion, isolating sonic horror.

K.I.L.L. – “Terrorismo, Psiquico” CDR $7
Dark & vicious Noise assault. Atypical Noise, sampling, beats and scarred vocals.

KILLER BUG – “Your Wife Is Mine” 7″ $6
Uniquely furious, high energy Japanese Noise.

KIRCHOMFELD – “Diode” CD $11
Ethereal Avant-garde German Electronics with melody and an eerie twist.

KK NULL – “Datacide In Year Zero” CDR $7
Atmospheric mix of odd Electronics, distant Noise and Ambient.

KK NULL/DAVID BROWN – “Terminal HZ” CD $11
Collaborative disc from these two resulting in surreal, eerie sonic environments.

KK NULL/MOZ – “Split Release” CD $10
KK: Frenetic electronics and rhythmic experiments, evolving from cacophonous to almost tribal. MOZ: Introspective Death Industrial and Dark Ambient, drifting slabs contrast with vitriolic sonics.

KK NULL – “Terminal Beach” CD $10
Hallucinatory dark experiments, loops and guitar Noise, from this legend.

KNOW – “Pastiche Excelsior” CDR $6
Dark Drifts and corrupted minimalism. Feat: member of THE HOLLOWING.

KNURL- “Exotosemia” CDR $7
Unrelenting Harsh Noise packaged between sandpaper discs.

KOAN – “Frontiers” CD $10
Transcendental Dark Ambient feat: member of HIMINBJORG.

KORPERSCHWACHE – “Sordid Revelations From The Cult Of The Nazarene” CDR $7
Brooding, gritty Guitar Noise, Drones and atmospherics.

KORPERSCHWACHE – “The Devil Speaks Through My Guitar” CDR $7
Dramatic Guitar Noise and Dronescapes with a dark edge.

KRIEG – “Destruction Ritual” CD $10
Raw, misanthropic Black Metal. Chaotic blasphemy from this infamous project.

KRIEG- “The Church” MCD $8
Primitive, hellish Black Metal.

KROKO – “Furia” CD $9
Live free form Noise Rock from these Finns, technical and eclectic.

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LAVRA – “Bluenothing” CD $10
Lush Gothic Dirges and sorrowful atmosphere.

LAW – “Vindication And Contempt” CD $11
Excellent Dark Electronics rich in subtlety and depth, exceptional.

LAW – “Wading Knee-Deep In Your Blood” CD $12
Well crafted Dark Noise, re-issue of this excellent out of print LP

LAW – “Our Life Through Your Death” CD $11
Dark misanthropic Noise and malleable soundscapes

LE TESTAMENT DE LA LUMIERE – “Der Tod Ist Ein Treuer Kamerad” CD $11
Ritualistic percussion, desolate Ambient, expansive atmosphere, & melodic whispers.

LHD – “Curtains” CD $8
Abrupt, savage attack of unrelenting, dynamic Harsh Noise.

LOCKWELD – “Industrial Requiem” CD $9
Heavy machinations and Dark Noise drones.

LOCKWELD – “Eutectic” CD $11
Grinding Noise environments and Heavy Drone

LONG WINTER’S STARE – “Before The Dawn, So Go The Shadows Of Humanity” CD $9
Somber, melodic, and grandiose Doom, feat: member of AS ALL DIE.

LOSS – “A Letter That Will Never Be Sent” 3″ CDR $7
3″ CDR in velvet bag. Outstanding mix of Death Industrial, Power electronics and Industrial.

LS-TTL – “El-Es-Tee-Tee-El” CD $9
Dark Ambient with sporadic moments of aggression that crack through.

LUASA RAELON – ” Consumed Within The Years Of Lead” CD $8
Excellent Dark Electronics and Ambient Noise, rich depth and layering from this top notch artist.

LUASA RAELON – “Vampyre: Light Of The Beast” CD $11

LULL- “Continue” CD$10
Minimalist drift and saturating drone from MICK HARRIS.

To order or inquire about availability contact.

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