To order or inquire about availability contact. I’m still sorting out the shipping, email your requests and I will let you know.


OCOSI – “Hereandloathing” CD $9
Dark Dub, beat loops, and dark textures combine in this hook laden experiment.

OCOSI – “Guided” CDR $7
Experimental Dark Dub and beats with a creeping Ambient background.

OMEI – “When All Your Ghosts Are Tired” CD $11

OND – “S/T” CD $9
Dark Ambient drifts atop sparse beats and quiet melody. Distant and vaporous.

ONIROT – “Avgusta Tavrinorvm” CD $9
Vaporous and melodic Dark Ambient, hallucinatory drifts through the murk.

ONTAYSO – “Elochim” CD $10
Organic Dark Ambient and cryptic environments with a curious presence.

ORDO TYRANNIS – “Vasa Iniquitatis” CD $10
Industrial Black Metal dirges and experimentation Feat: member of VALEFOR/BLACK FUNERAL.

To order or inquire about availability contact.


Dynamic Harsh Noise form each of these projects, blue vinyl.

PENITENT – “Maestro Beethoven” CD $8
The music of Beethoven translated into Dark synthwork.

PENITENT – “Roses By Chaos Spawned” CD $9
Dark Orchestrations and poetic lamentations.

Searing Harsh Noise, dense with layers and movement.

PEST – “Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial” CD $10
Primitive Black Metal, pain and blasphemy Feat: member of SATANIC WARMASTER.

PHALLUS DEI – “Pontifex Maximus” CD $10
Theatrical and obscure Dark Electronics, some of their best work.

PHALLUS DEI – “Nature Mortes” CD $10
Cinematic Dark Electronics and instrumentation, morose sonic explorations.

P. MILE BRYSON – “A Long Days Tango Into Night” CD $8
Odd minimal and Electronics and Ambient.


Dark Ambient and analog soundscapes from ROZZ WILLIAMS.

PROFANE GRACE – “Cast In The Mold Of The Ancients” CD $11
Dramatic Death Ambient rituals and subtle melody dredge forgotten caves.

PROFANE GRACE – “Serenity Of The Endless Graves” CD $11
Cryptic passages and dusty horrors. Powerful Death Ambient.

Windswept Dark Ambient desolation.

PROSCENIUM – “Behind The Curtain” CD $11
Ghostly melodies and lonely history saturate this thoughtful collection of shadows.

PROSCRIPTOR – “The Serpentine Has Risen” CD $9
Occultic Prog Rock experiments and varied ethnic instrumentation, Feat: Member of ABSU.

PRURIENT – “Shipwrecker’s Diary” CD $11
Corrosive and charred Harsh Noise attacks.

PYCHULATOR – “Sector Danado” CDR $7
Peruvian Harsh Noise and electronics Abuse.

To order or inquire about availability contact.


RADIAL – “Nexus” CD $10
Drifting melodies and punishing distorted beats juxtaposed nicely.

RADIOSONDE – “Meter Sickness” CD $10
Exceptional Dark Electronics release, pulses, beats and drones. highly recommended.

RAISON D’ETRE – “Requiem For Abandoned Souls” CD $11
Exquisite Dark Ambient and morose melodies from this project yet again.

RAPOON – “The Fires Of The Borderlands” CD $10
Excellent collection of drifting ethnic Ambient, Feat. member of ZOVIET FRANCE.

RAPOON/BIRDS OF TIN – “Monomyth” CD $10
Collaboration between these two, organic Dark Electronics with ritual percussion elements, really nice.

RAVEN’S BANE – “Misery Preserved” CD $10
Bleak and subtle Black Ambient with hints of melody among the cavernous moan.

RECANT – “Gesture” CDR $6
Unique percussive Dark Noise with Ambient and Junk Noise elements, great.

RED HARVEST – “Cold Dark Matter” CD $10
Discordant Industrialized Metal, a searing and unique listen.

RED HARVEST – “Sick Transit Gloria Mundi” CD $9
Fierce and dissonant Industrial Metal that defies classification. well done.

REMAIN OF THE DAY – “An Underlying Frequency” CD $10
Excellent Doomy Crustcore with violin and some experimental elements. Great.

REUTOFF – “Reutraum II” 7″ $6

R.H.Y. YAU – “The Hidden Tongue” CD $9
Erratic and abrasive Noise with dark undercurrents and vocal manifestations.

ROBERT RICH – “Bestiary” CD $9
Eclectic Dark Electronics for composed for a world ruled by insects and beasts.

ROBERT RICH – “Trances/Drones” DCD $14
Double CD exactly as it suggests, One Trances, one Drones.

ROBOCHANMAN – “Remote Control Militia” CDR $8
Lo-fi Harsh Noise, cut-up and strangeness, jewel case version.

ROTTEN PIECE – “Gargling Turpentine” CDR $7
Interesting Noisescapes with dark under currents throughout that include some rhythm and melody.

RSUNDIN – “Sleepwalk” CD $8
44 tracks in 43 minutes of random sonics and eclectic experiments.

RH: hypnotizes with bleak soundscapes that explode without warning GS: churns with dense layers of somber Ambient Noise.

Stirring collaboration from these two, Organic Ambient drifts that speak to the genesis of life.

RUHR HUNTER – “Ritual Before The Hunt” CD $10
Well layers and evocative Dark Experimental descending into the hidden worlds.

RUHR HUNTER – “Torn Of This ” CD $11
Dark and Ritualistic Ethno Ambient, melodic and elegantly crafted, excellent.

RUNES OF DIANECHT – “Eternal Call Of Darkness” CD $9
Primitive Black Metal from 1997, feat. member of NOKTURNAL MORTEM.

To order or inquire about availability contact.

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