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 20.SV – “Acid Vomit Human Genocide” CD – $11

310 – “Nothing to See Here” CD – $10
15 tracks of obscure dark electronics with an “antique” feel, curiously eerie. Each copy w/ a unique photo on the cover.

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ABSENCE.INSOLUTION – “Hour Of Babel” 3″ CDR – $5
4 songs of fried, abrasive Dark Noise with a range of influences like Power Electronics, Death Industrial & Beats.

ACCLIMATE – “Miscreant” CDR – $7
Well constructed & diverse dark soundscapes and beats, feat. appearances by AUBE and MAGO.

A CROWN OF AMARANTH – “Manuscript/Winterupt” CDR – $7
Experimental Dark electronics, evolving and well conceived.

Experimental, Noise, & Cut-Ups lmt to 60 copies, each with unique packaging and a lock of the artists hair.

A CROWN OF AMARANTH – “Love.Lies.Bleeding” CDR – $7

AENIMA – “Never Fragile” MCD – $8
Gothy dirges with Metal, Ethnic and Neo-Classical elements, digipak.

AIDAN BAKER – “Remixes” CDR – $6
Remixes by the likes of ANDREA MARUITTI, TROUM, GRUNTSPLATTER, WILT & others.

AIDAN BAKER – “Periodic” CDR – $7

ALAIN DE FILIPPIS – “Petites Musiques De Bruits” CD – $10
Fried electronics mixed with orchestral passages create a unique feel, unsettling Musique Concrete.

ALIO DIE/MATHIAS GRASSOW – “Expanding Horizons” DCD – $14
Double CD of bleak atmosphere, organic Dark Ambient and ethnic Elements.

ALL IS SUFFERING – “The Past: Vindictive Sadisms of Petty Bureaucrats” CD – $10
14 tracks of diverse Grind/Crust/Hardcore, furious and well executed. Includes some rarities.

AMBER ASYLUM – “The Supernatural Parlour Collection” CD – $11
Less ethereal, more stripped down and organic, probably my favorite of theirs, stirring dark beauty.

Grinding, throbbing Euro-Power Electronics recorded live.

ANTIGEN SHIFT/DERRITUS – “Conjugate”  Split CDR – $7
Split release of distorted Electro, hard beats, shifting textures and Power Noise.

APHOTIC – “Stillness Grows” CD $11
A collection of all their work, well done dreary & atmospheric Doom Metal.

ARCANE ART – “The Cursed Artist” CD $10
Melodramtic orchestration, Neo-Classical, and spoken passages.

ARCANE ART – “KritaRan” CD $10
Dirgey, droning compositions woven together with fluid Dark Ambient.

ARCANE ART – “The Spiral Dance” Pic 10″ $10
Majestic Spirits, myth, and poertry, side project of PENITENT.

ARECIBO – “Trans Plutonian Transmissions” CD $10
Cosmic, deep space ambient derived from NASA and crafted by LUSTMORD.

AS ALL DIE/VEINKE – “Split” CD $10
AAD: Instrumental Darkness and textures, VEINKE: fluid subtlety and heaving gloom.

AS ALL DIE – “A Time Of War & Conflict” CD $10
Leaps ahead for this band, Apocalyptic Folk done with skill and craft.

ASSCHAPEL – “Fire And Destruction” CD $10
Blistering Metallic Hardcore with Thrash influences, outstanding.

ATARAXIA – “Le Fantasma Dell Opera” CD $11
Grandiose Neo-Classical with obscure operatic vocals

AUBE – “Seton” CD $13
Packed between two pieces of slate are sparse dark environments and subtle loops.

AUBE – “Howling Obsession (Revised)” $11
Previously lmt to 20, reissued with an extra track, minimal noise and drones sourced from a speaker.

AUGUR – “Like Little Machines” CD $10
Darkened minimalism churned from live improvisation, stirring.

AUTODIDACT – “Wave Transmissions From The Sultan Of Crawl” CDR $7
4 Epic tracks of dissonant, sludgey drones and experimentation.

AUTUMN TEARS – “Love Songs For Dying Children, Act 1-Reprise” CD $10
Orchestral Gothic atmospheres from distant times, reissue with an extra track.

AUTUMN TEARS – “Winter & The Broken Angel” CD $10
A foray into the depths of Medieval Orchestration and echoes of the past.

AXONE/KNOW – “Night Of Deliverance” CDR $7
Dark electronics split AX: Dark Ambient and analog KN: Heavy Noise orchestrations & Ambient

AZOIKUM – “Cunt” CD $9
Depraved German Power Electronics, from the man behind NARBENERDE

To order or inquire about availability contact.


Outstanding collab between BN and the mastermind behind BRUME, great work.

BASTARD NOISE – “Sound Engine” CD $8
Atmospheric Noise feat. live and collaborations with GUILTY CONNECTOR & JESUS PHILBEN, plus new tracks.

BENEATH THE LAKE – “Inside Passage” CD $11
Organic Dark Ambient, fluid and beautiful without betraying the darkness.

BETHLEHEM – “Dark Metal” CD $11
Debut full length from these suicidal heathens, 70 mins of isolating Doom.

BETHLEHEM – “Dictius Te Necare” CD $11
7 maniacal Dark Metal dirges of bombast and emotion, excellent.

BETHLEHEM – “Schatten Auf Der Alexander Welt” DCD $14
2 Disc Digipak, One of morose Dark Metal and one of diverse Experiments and Remixes.

2 Long Tracks BCM: minimal crackling Drones MSBR/ES: Live Drones and Noise Ambient.

BLACKHOUSE – “Sex Sex Sex” CD $10
Noisier and more machine-like, old school Industrial from  one of the forefathers.

BLOODFLOWERS – “Torn At The Seams” MCD $8
Dark Ambient/Death Industrial, crawling atmospheres with teeth.

DEATHPILE & GRUNTSPLATTER collab, densely layered, unique Heavy Noise, dark and vicious.

BODYBAG ROMANCE, THE – “Gincrusher: Tales Of Shit & Glory” CD $7
Eclectic mix of Death, Grind and Sludge.

BORN OF THORNS – “New Horizon” MCD $6
Melodic Black Metal, heavy on the synth and diverse vocal approaches.

BRUME – “Normal” CD $11
Deeply layered Experimental Noise, excellent stuff.

To order or inquire about availability contact.

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