circadian_flankingCircadian is a collaborative project between Scott Candey of Gruntsplatter and Jason Walton of Nothing. The intent of the project was to create surreal dark soundscapes that explore atypical emotional and sonic elements with a focus on the peculiar realities of small towns. Our hope was to create a project that stands independently from the work of the two contributors solo material and avoids paths similar to our usual work.

The debut full length release “Flanking The Black Moose” was based on each contributor creating foundation and then trading it for the other to complete the material and mix it.

There are no current plans for future recordings.

Complete Discography…

“Termite On The Surgeons Shoulder” – Business Card CDR
limited to 55 – PacRec – September 2002
“Flanking The Black Moose” – CD
limited to 1000 – Eibon/Radiotarab – November 2004

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