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CANAAN – “Brand New Babylon” CD $11
Lush dirges with a Doomy ethereal edge, spacious ornate compositions.

CAN CAN HEADS – “Cricket Okasada” 7″ $5
Eclectic Prog, Punk, Noise, Free Jazz. white vinyl.

Outstanding split release of Dark Electronics from these two.

CAUL – “Hidden” $12
Cryptic Dark Ambient and bleak melody, excellent.

5 Outstanding Tracks of Dirgey Industrial Metal.

CENTRIFUGE – “Strata” CS $4
5 tracks of Industrial Metal with more discord and melancholy, excellent.

CHAOS AS SHELTER – “Dead Air Broadcasts” CD $10
Evocative Dark Noise and Ambient culled from shortwave radio sources.

CHAOS AS SHELTER – “In The Shelter Of Chaos” CD $11
Sepulchral Electronics rich with mysticism, excellent.

CHRISTIAN RENOU – “Fragments & Articulations” CD $10
Drifting Electronics with Environmental and Concrete elements, from the man behind BRUME.

CIRCADIAN – “Flanking The Black Moose” CD $11
Experimental surrealism and genre defying sonics in this collaboration from NOTHING and GRUNTSPLATTER.

CITADEL – “Granite Sky” CD $11
From the ashes of LAW, Dark Noise and curious Electronics, great.

Dark Electronics and Orchestral melodies, drifting atmospheres.

COIN GUTTER – “At Play Amidst The Strangeness…” 3″ CDR $6
Ambient textures, glitchy electronics, beats, and sample, Pt. III of the Watchman Series.

COLD ELECTRIC FIRE – “In Nights Dream We Are Ghosts” CD $10
Organic Dark Ambient using unique sources and instrumentation. Smoldering atmosphere and somber emotions.

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM – “The Flow Of Sound Without Parameter” CD $11
Atmospheric and sinister Dark Electronics from a Japanese favorite, outstanding.

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM – “From The Irresponsible Country Sounds” MCD $7
Odd Electronics, beats, sampling, field recordings, and otherworldly textures, different for them but very good.

CONTROL – “The Cleansing” CD $9
Collection of out of print and rare tracks fron this benchmark Power Electronics project.

Heavy rhythmic Noisecapes and penetrating atmosphere, possibly my favorite from these legends.

Nicely done mix of moody Ambient and sharp, gritty Noise textures.

CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE LIGHT – “Postmeridian And Weary” 3″ CDR $6

CORDELL KLIER – “Apparitions” CD $10
Drifting Ambient littered with glitchy Electronics.

CORNUCOPIA – “.c.” CD$ – $7
Epic track of building minimalism and slithering Electronics.

CRAWL UNIT – “Stop Listening” CD $10
Stirring, rich minimalism this time out from this fantastic project.

CREPUSCULE – “Music For Decay” CD $12
Uniquely crafted Dark Electronics exploring decay from birth to death, excellent.

CRIA CUERVOS – “Cancroregina” CDR $6
Cavernous dark soundscapes and haunted Ambient.

To order or inquire about availability contact.


DARK WATER MEMORIES – “Night Fog Kommando” LP $11|
Nordic Dark electronics with sparse vocals and beats, 5 tracks.

DACHISE – “Twin Braids” CD $10
Eclectic Experimentation, Harsh Noise, Loops, Cut-Ups, Dark Electronics and sampling with good results.

DANIEL MENCHE – “The Face Of Vehemence” CD $11
Outstanding Dark Experiments, rich textures, deep atmosphere, & subtle abrasion.

DARIUN – “Fake Professor Of Japanese Pipe” 3″ CDR $5
Eerie, slow Dark electronics and static washes.

DATACLAST/EARWIGS, THE – “Dataclast Vs. The Earwigs”$8
DC: 29 tracks of frantic digital Grind, TE: 6 tracks of eclectic Noisescapes.

DBS/R4 – Split” CD $10
Both projects offer up gritty, atmospheric Death Industrial, very good! DBS Feat. CONVERTOR member.

DEAD BODY LOVE – “Maximum Overdose” CD $9
Pure CD, grating, cacophonous Noisescapes, well done.

DEATH SQUAD – “Out-Patient” CD $9
Desperate Power Electronics focused on addiction and mental illness.

DEATH SQUAD – Isolation As Intent” CD $9
10 tracks of sample heavy nihilistic Power Electronics.

DEBAUCHERY – “Dead Scream Symphony” CD $11
Primitive, passionate Black Metal, from the man behind JUDAS ISCARIOT, great.

DEL – “Projectionist Please Focus” CD $9
Experimental non-structured instrumentation, Dark electronics and melancholy atmospheres, feat. LASSE MARHAUG.

5 tracks of vicious Industrial Metal, in the vein of the classics.

DEPTHER- “Altar State” CDR $7
Sweeping drones, dark textures, and cryptic atmospheres, excellent.

DIE SONNE SATANS – “Archive Compendium” CD $11
Collection of tracks from 92-95, mesmerizing Dark Ambient, member of ATOM INFANT INCUBATOR.

DIGITARIAT, THE – ” I Created Over 1 Million New Jobs” CDR $6
Saturated electronics, distorted erratic frequencies and fried sonics.

DISSECTING TABLE – “Ultimate Psychological Description II” CD $12
Classic release of raw, percussive Heavy Electronics from the legend.

DISSECTING TABLE – “Memories” CD $11
A further development of his trademark onslaught, punishing electronics from Japan.

DISSECTING TABLE – “Human Breeding” CD$11
Another outstanding release of crushing Heavy Electronics from the master.

DISTURBIOS/KHAN GUIL – “Non Conformity Split” CDR $7
DISTURBIOS: dynamic, abrasive Noise cascades, KG: dirty loops and saturating distortions.

Drifting Ritual Dark Ambient and cinematic surrealism.


DVT – “S/T” CD $10
Heavy Death Industrial/Power Electronics, grinding frequencies.

DVT – “External Rage” CDR $8
Scraping Death Industrial and Power Electronics Elements, in DVD case.

DWELLING – “Moments” MCD $7
Dark and Folky with Neo-Classical edge and female vocals.

To order or inquire about availability contact.

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