grimes_infernalGrimes was a short lived side-project from Scott Candey, of Gruntsplatter. It explored more beat driven Power Noise/Trance avenues that are combined with drifting noise to juxtapose the evolving washes with the urgency of the rhythmic elements. Based around a very free form concept, all material was improvised around evolving beat structures.

It began as a lighthearted experiment never meant for release. However within a matter of a couple days an hour of material was completed that went on to become the “The Infernal Machinations of Hell’s Grim Tyrant” cassette. I expected that to be the quick end of the project, but the cassette received a lot of positive feedback, and generated additional interested. What followed were 3 tracks contributed to the “An Anthology of Noise Vol. 1” double CDR compilation on Fusion Audio Recordings.

There are no current plans for future releases under this name.

Complete Discography…

“The Infernal Machinations Of Hell’s Grim Tyrant” – MC
limited to 50 – Troniks – August 1999
“V/A – An Anthology Of Noise” – 2CDR
three tracks appear – Fusion Audio – 2CDR – 2000?


Gruntsplatter’s Scott Candey has toned down the noise and struck again, this time in the form of Grimes, his lo-fi electro-noise side project. Written and recorded in three days this past May, The Infernal Machinations of Hell’s Grim Tyrant is composed of a variety of repetitive loops and drones that are impressively blended together in real time, all recorded live in the studio. It’s surprising to find out that there isn’t any sequencing or overdubs on this tape since it’s so tight knit and well layered. Not many electronic musicians work this way… but then not many electronic musicians’ work comes out sounding quite like this either. Each track seems to have a similar formula: mild and simple synthesized beats lingering behind gradually flanged tones that are pulsating at rapid intervals, all rounded out by waves of gritty backing drones. The outcome is easy to get sucked into; I’ve been listening to it over breakfast all week. Even though all nine songs have like elements each is different from the next and the formula never seems to get tired. GRIMES is my twisted idea of ‘easy listening’: smooth, predictable and simple, but enough of an edge to get you hooked and keep you interested. The outcome is very atmospheric, and some of this material would probably fit in well on a soundtrack to some gloomy futuristic film in the vein of Bladerunner.

Mr. Scott Candey of Gruntsplatter has yet again assaulted our senses with another project that is not the mighty GRUNTSPLATTER. This incarnation of Candey’s psyche has the mysterious moniker GRIMES. Straying a bit from his usual downtrodden noise and muddled drone, Scott has fashioned a more electronic approach sprinkled with hints of actual beats amongst more synthesized noise and sputtering phasing drones. GRIMES displays more movement and is possibly more accessible than most ambient projects of this vein, however it?s redundant trance nature may weed out the weak. The atmospheres would not be out of place on a soundtrack for a very dark sci-fi film, however, I have never seen a film dark enough to fit this music. GRIMES is worth listening to, if nothing else, merely for the unique approach and interesting sound choices and arrangements. A hidden bonus comes in discovering the secret behind all that is GRIMES. Exposing a New World beneath the music that lay hidden until you realize what GRIMES portrays. Discovering the secret unlocks all that GRIMES has to offer, and then you will understand.

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