The Corvidae Cabal is a project that eventually I intend to be more layered than just a music, until those can be better developed I’ll leave it at that.

The initial 4 EP’s I think of as The Initiation Demos. It was a combination of getting back into recording music again after a very long break, while also exploring modular synthesis. Everything that went into making those tracks, nearly 2 and a half hours worth of music, was done differently than I have always done things with Gruntsplatter.I was honestly surprised how much it still sounds like me even though the entire process was different. It’s not Gruntsplatter, but it’s not all that dissimilar either. Dark atmospheric electronics, some of it with beats, so not, focusing largely or strange and Fortean themes.

There will definitely be more from this project. I am fascinated working with modular, and I see The Corvidae Cabal as a way to do whatever strikes me at a given time as far as the sound goes.

Music is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon & others.

The Corvidae Cabal Discography…
“The Ineffable Nighttide” – Digital Release – Crionic Mind (September 2018)
“Call of The Absurd” – Digital Release – Crionic Mind (September 2018)
“Betwixt & Between” – Digital Release – Crionic Mind (October 2018)
“In Peculiar Air” – Digital Release – Crionic Mind (November 2018)
“Seeing Time” – Digital Release – Crionic Mind (December 2020)