Online music zine No Echo recently asked me to contribute something to their ongoing series of Top X Lists. After much hand wringing I elected to look back at the influence GODFLESH had on bands and labels at the dawn of the 90’s with a little countdown of some of the projects I felt were most noteworthy. It’s not complete, but it’s a nice little walk down memory lane past some great bands and a sound that I cherish to this day. The revival of GODFLESH is a grand and glorious thing, and perhaps with a bit of luck we will see another wave.

Newer bands like BROWN JENKINS, P.H.O.B.O.S, and a few others have merged the sound with the Black Metal aesthetic. It played a notable role in the emergence of Post-Metal, and goes all the way back to bands closer to the Goth Spectrum like CRANES and GEKO. There is a lot I could say on the subject but the article touches on some of the bigger bands to rise from that genre twisting scene at that time.

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