I mentioned here a very long time ago that Fall of Nature Records had approached me about putting together a rare and unreleased collection. I took an absurd amount of time pulling things together, but I’m happy to say it’s nearly done. Even better,  the label was still interested in releasing it. I’m really pleased they were still interested after all this time. Were it not for their suggestion all these tracks would still be scattered about in various boxes of old masters.

It will be a limited CD release,  I’m not sure how many yet. The hope is to have it out late fall from the sound of things. “Dragging The Rivers Of Sleep” is the title and it will feature 12 tracks – Three are previously unreleased, unreleased alternate versions of two others, an intro I did for a Goat record, and a few compilation tracks. This is all different material than appeared on “The Organ Harvest” collection.

I’ll get a cover posted once I have one, and update as I have more information.

2 thoughts on “Dragging The Rivers Of Sleep – New Release

  1. Fantastic News! Long awaited, so glad to see this will soon be real! I’m strapping on my drool cup. Thanks Scott!

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