I mentioned this on the Gruntsplatter Facebook page but hadn’t mentioned it here. This Spring I was asked to contribute a chapter to an anthology collection that Headpress Books has put together called Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics And Noise Culture. My contribution covers the evolution of the US Power Electronics scene. It’s the only real focus on the United States in the collection from my understanding.

Fight Your Own WarOther contributors include: Mikko Aspa, Tom Bench, Bindweed, Scott Candey, Nathan Clemence, Andrew Cooke, Mike Dando, Sonia Dietrich, d foist, Spencer Grady, Clive Henry, Grant Hobson, Kevin Matthew Jones, Paul Margree, Nick Nihilist, Jack Sargeant, Stephen Sennitt, Richard Stevenson, Duncan Taylor, Philip Taylor, Jennifer Wallis, Daniel Wilson, Ulex Xane. The collection was edited by Jennifer Wallis.

Yesterday, the limited edition hardcover was made available and you can check it out and order it here. This limited version also comes with a download code for exclusive tracks from some of the contributors. I have a new and unreleased track on there called “Burned-Over District.” Other projects include, Streicher, Maskirovka, Now Wash Your Hands, Hardworking Families, WeaklingChild, unwashed, & Deathtripping.

There will be a paperback version released later this year that will be available from all the usual suspects. The release date for that is October/November I believe.

I’m still awaiting my contributor copy, but the little I have seen of it makes me think Headpress did a fantastic job putting it together. It was a lot of work, but I had a great time putting my piece together. It’s a tough thing to distill down, and my contribution was longer than requested. There will no doubt be things I missed and projects that may have been overlooked or mentioned in passing, but I felt  a real sense of responsibility to get it as right as I could in the time I had to do it. If you pick up a copy either now, or when the paperback comes out I’d love to hear your feedback. I’m looking forward to reading the whole thing.

A HUGE thanks to the people who answered questions for me to help get this done: Jonathan Canady, Brian Ladd, Patrick O’Neil, Stephen Petrus, Thomas Garrison, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Andy O’Sullivan, Richard Ramirez, and I feel like a few others i am forgetting right now. To Jennifer Wallis for asking me and editing this collection, and my wife, Nora, for being so supportive.

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