I hadn’t done new music in a very long time. There was the track for the Stephen Petrus benefit compilation, and the track for the hardcover edition of the “Fight Your Own War” book I contributed to, but not a lot else.

At the end of 2016 I started working again. At the encouragement of my wife, I started pursuing my long held interest in modular synth stuff. I was doing 3 minute experiments to relearn the recording process and start making sense of the Eurorack to start. As I got more comfortable I started doing longer tracks and worked like that through all of 2017. I didn’t have an agenda or a plan – just learn and enjoy it.

Literally everything about the process was different than I had done things in the past. From how I worked, to how I recorded, to how I listened. At the beginning of 2018 I realized there was 2 and a half hours of music in all this.  I started going back through the tracks working them into something presentable.

corvidae_1-copy1The Corvidae Cabal is an idea that first took shape in 2008. There was an anonymous website that was up for a couple years and went away. I started the site again about a year ago as a way to explore the ideas that often inform the music, art, and literature I am drawn to. I don’t see it as a music project alone. As it develops I want it to become almost a multi media magazine of curiosities. Hopefully, I can give it the necessary time to keep it moving forward.

I ended up dividing the tracks into 4 releases. They are finished and were mastered by Thomas Garrison (Control). It sounds like me. Some of it probably even sounds like gruntsplatter, but it’s different enough sonically and thematically that it made sense to call it something else. I’ve been thinking of these as Initiation Demos. I will do another gruntsplatter release but these are not that.

The first one will be out very soon, and the others will follow reasonably close behind. I’ll post more as they become available.




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