Caulbearer’s new release “Diseased Imaginings” is available on Bandcamp now. The project had recorded an album originally to be titled “The Last City” between 2013-14 caulbearer_covand never released it. In late 2017, they reached out and said they were approaching several projects to collaborate on the material for the hope of an eventual release. I agreed and work on the track, “Alien Murmuration.” I added sounds to it and did a mix, then they created their own mix with my additions and that’s what ended up on the record.

The release is here now. As I said it’s on Bandcamp now, and it appears L. White Records is doing something with it as well. “Diseased Imaginings” features contributions from Black Mountain Transmitter, Wilt, Gnaw Their Tongues, Steel Hook Prosthesis, The Vomit Arsonist, Fire In The Head, and Gruntsplatter. In addition to the collaborative tracks, Caulbearer has included the original versions we were all given to work from. When I heard the original source album, it felt pretty well complete to me. It wasn’t lacking anything. I’m glad those tracks are included with the final release.

Hope you enjoy it, it was fun to be apart of. I really appreciate being included.

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