The new split release between Underneath The Deadlight and Gruntsplatter is out now on Annihilvs. 7 tracks from each project.

From The Label…
An insanity-inducing Lovecraftian nightmare of horror electronics, of music from the madhouse, of darkness and ferocity in equal measure. A perfect pairing of two adepts in the deathindustrial arena; conjoining the emerging Mexican talent UNDERNEATH THE DEADLIGHT, alongside the respected American veteran Scott Candey of GRUNTSPLATTER, who recently released the first full-length album by …DEADLIGHT on his own CRIONIC MIND imprint. A two-headed beast, freed from unfathomable depths, and now unleashed upon the world.

I should have a few copies soon, but you can get it from the label directly here

2 thoughts on “Predation Monoliths

  1. Hi Scott. Your predation monoliths LP with UtD is the best I’ve heard this year so far – & I havent been lazy whilst looking. Excellence from yourself. Good luck.

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