The long-suffering website has undergone another facelift. Maintaining it with a traditional host, working in proper web design software, it was more work than I wanted to invest. The label has been dormant for a number of years, but there are other activities and projects worth keeping track of around here.

I had been keeping a separate blog site that focused less on music and more on other interests. That hasn’t been updated in about a year, and will probably end up merged with this in the near future.

What other interests? Primarily writing, reflecting on books and authors, the sporadic podcast, and other various and sundry things. I anticipate all of that will end up here. You can also expect any new information about music projects, podcasts, stories, and anything else that comes along of remote public interest. I’ve launched a few other sites in the last few years, but it’s through the Crionic Mind portal that most seem to find me. It makes sense to reel it all back in under this banner.

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