With crionicmind.org resuscitated, there is a bit of spackling I should do.

Blogging is odd to me. I like the idea of it, the potential I see in it. At the same time, I don’t have any grand need to lead a public life. I do get questions about what I’ve been up to, what’s going on with Gruntsplatter, etc. so…

I haven’t done much at all with music in the last several years. That is changing. I feel the pull again. I’m not sure what shape it will take. Some will be Gruntsplatter; I suspect more may not be. I’ve been playing bass, started tweaking sounds, my wife and I have some random bones toward the skeleton of a project. There will be new music at some point, of some kind.

There is a collection of rare and unreleased Gruntsplatter tracks in the making; I have about 37 minutes of that nailed down as of this writing. Fall of Nature Records solicited that collection a couple of years ago. I’ve taken a ridiculous amount of time putting it together, and I hope when it’s finally ready they will still have an interest. The title will be “Dragging The Rivers Of Sleep.” Additionally, a Gruntsplatter track is owed on a pending 4 way split release.

Music has always been about telling stories to me, creating soundtracks to unspoken tales. Those concepts are what fuel my creativity. During the last few years, I shifted my attention to writing them down, to making them more concrete. I’ve studied craft, read more, and learned how to write short stories. I submitted 2-3 pieces for submission a couple of years ago to a very small handful of markets, the anticipated rejections soon followed. I reassessed and decided it wasn’t quite time for that. The classes I had taken added a lot, but also took things away that were important to my writing. I understand that better now, and will start submitting again before long.

What appears in this space going forward will be as related to the writing and authors that inspire me as it will be to music. While music continues to smolder, this is where my greatest fire is now.  I’m soundly out of the loop in music these days. I’m not sure what is what, or who is who, of the new crop of projects and labels in the dark experimental world. I don’t know how, or where, what I do fits in the evolved landscape. It’s not that important to me. I’ll figure out what to do with it when it’s in hand.

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