Stephen Petrus, of Murderous Vision and others, recently lost everything he owns in a house fire. You can find out more about the different things people are doing to help at this Facebook Group.

I’m working on a new track for a benefit compilation that is slated for Bandcamp in the coming weeks. I’ve known Stephen for a long time. He and I collaborated together as Umbra, and the first live show I played was with Stephen during a visit he made to San Francisco back in 1999.  He’s good people. I’ve personally been through a house fire. It’s as gutting as you would expect. I didn’t lose as much as he has, but it stays with you.

I will post info regarding the compilation as soon as I have it. All proceeds are going to help Stephen get back to some sort of normalcy.

Additionally, I’m uploading my foundation portion of the upcoming collaborative project mentioned previously as I type this. The project, as yet unnamed, is between myself and Scott Miller. Scott recently had a collaboration released through Cold Spring Records between himself, Merzbow, and Lee Camfield. He’s perhaps best known for his involvement with Sutekh Hexen, but continues to be involved with several projects.

It will be two lengthy tracks,  and we don’t know what we are going to do with it yet. More news on that as I have it.

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