The Bandcamp benefit compilation to help Stephen Peterus following the recent fire that destroyed everything he owned has been released.

When One Has Nothing Left Make Ceremonies Out Of Air & Breath On Them.

When One Has NothingThe compilation features 28 tracks, and all proceeds will go toward helping Stephen return to normalcy. The compilation is on sale for $10 until the morning of January 22nd, after that it will go up to $15. The projects involved (in order of appearance) are:

Gruntsplatter, Raab Codec, Staalkracht/The Vomit Arsonist, Amanda R. Howland, Zurvan, Compactor, Regosphere, Swollen Organs, Auditor, Lithopaedion, Xiphod Dementia+Theologian, Genital Stigmata, Watchword, Robert Turman, Whorid, Hoor-Paar-Kraat, Flesh Machine, Pine Tree State Mind Control, Crowhurst, Marc Benner, Moz+Conure, Blackfire, Spaghttiman, Absentia, Xterminal, Nyctophilia & Arvo Zylo

I wanted to get the announcement up so I actually haven’t listened to it yet. The vast majority of the projects here are new to me, but I have no question it will be worth your money and your listening time. The fire occurred on January 8th, and now 12 days later this release is available. I hope people will check it out. Many thanks to Mr. Elkins of The Auditor for wrangling this together.

The Gruntsplatter track, is called “A Frightful Century.” It’s the first new Gruntsplatter track I have recorded in several years.  I still sound like me.

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