I’ve posted this on Facebook, I wanted put something here as well for those that didn’t see it.

My wife Nora, who had been living with cancer for 6+ years, passed away 3 weeks ago. She was diagnosed in 2014, overcame it for a time, and in 2018 it metastasized and finally took her.

This is, in part, why I have been largely out of sight for some time. It was Nora that prodded me down the eurorack rabbit hole. She saw how fascinated I was by it. While She was in remission we recorded the Snaig Tharta release. I just made that pay what you want, because I’d like people to hear it. She wasn’t feeling well then, but we didn’t know that the cancer had come back yet. Much of the writing she did for it was about this eventuality though. Her words in On Remembering just keep going through my head. The track is mostly instrumental, but the lyrics come in toward the end. Drifting Up, was another very pointed song. I think she knew on some level.

I also recorded The Corvidae Cabal stuff during this time. As she got sicker, we jockeyed the different medicines and the grind of doctors appointments – music took a back seat again. She passed peacefully at home as she wanted.

I’m getting myself in front of the gear as often as I can to try and stay occupied. It’s hard to focus, but there are some things in the works that I’ll get to in another post.

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