“Primordial Shadows” is a collaboration between Theta and The Corvidae Cabal. It came out today on Total Division Records through their Bandcamp. There are 12 physical copies that come as a CDR with an etched stone. It’s also available digitally. I will get it added to The Corvidae Cabal Bandcamp site soon. I want to give the label a chance to make a little money back for the physical release. I am not going to have physical copies, they will only be available from Total Division.

“Primordial Shadows” explores the collective unconscious, and the label describes it this way.

Collective unconscious cuts through the shadows of time and the personification of arranged matter in space. Primordial communication shows its streams of life through memories of futures and extrapolations into the past. Primordial shadows is a release where the dimensions of time fold themselves into each other, pulling the listener deeper into a universal unknown during every repetition and listening experience. Follow the narrative, grab onto the hints that take you down the falls of a (n)everchanging void.

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