A bit of a news round up…

I have finished recording a new gruntsplatter record. It’s called “Dowsing In The Cancer Lands” and I’ll be pressing it on CD myself under Crionic Mind. Limited to 300 and also available digitally. Expected Spring, it will go to press as soon as I have the art sorted.

When I send that I’ll also be pressing copies of The Corvidae Cabal “Seeing Time” to CD on Crionic Mind, limited to 200.

Collaboration between Θ – theta and The Corvidae Cabal called “Primordial Shadows” extremely limited to 12 physical copies on CDR that come with an etched stone from Total Division. Also available digitally. That will be released March 21st. I won’t have physical copies of that one.

WILT & Gruntsplatter collaboration entitled “The Trough of Armageddon” This will be a 2CD limited to 300, and available digitally. It will be a joint release by Phage Tapes & Cipher Productions out probably early summer, but really TBD.

Also out there is a remix I did for skintape, for an upcoming remix collection he has coming out on Ohm Resistance, but I don’t have an ETA for that.

Additionally, Jonathan Canady recently sent me a story idea he had for some editing assistance to accompany some illustrations he’d done. I ended up kind of working it over and earned myself a writing credit. It’s called Pyramid World, and you can check it out here. And if you are only familiar with Jonathan’s music (Deathpile, Dead World, Nightmares, Angel of Decay and more) he’s done well establishing himself as a visual artist too.

This was a great exercise for me and got me wanting to revisit the short stories I’d written a few years back so perhaps there will be more forthcoming.

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