Dragging The Rivers of Sleep is finally available. Fall of Nature released it in December, and I received my copies a few days ago. This record collects 12 tracks of rare and unreleased material from 1999-2015, and was all mastered/remastered by Thomas Garrison in 2016.

The idea for this started way back in 2013 I believe, and at that time I was completely removed from “the scene”. It had been a few years since my last record, and Karl from Fall of Nature reached out anyway. This was one of the things that got me started thinking about recording again, and I’m very grateful to Fall of Nature for releasing it. I have CD’s available on the Bandcamp page, and it’s there digitally as well. I know he’s started getting it around to some of the usual suspect distro’s, particularly in Europe and Australia. If you are outside the US it may be quicker to get it there or direct from Fall of Nature’s shop.

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