Today I release The first new gruntsplatter full length since “The Aberrant Laboratory” came out in 2006. The new record is called “Dowsing in the Cancer Lands” and came out on my own Crionic Mind. It’s 12 tracks, 70 minutes of dark noise ambient, or whatever you like to call what I do. It’s available both digitally, and as a CD limited to 300 copies in a 6 panel digipak.

Additionally on Crionic Mind, I release a CD version of The Corvidae Cabal “Seeing Time” This came out digitally in December, but is now available on CD, limited to 200 in a 4 panel digipak.

You can get both at the Crionic Mind Bandcamp page or each is available on the individual project Bandcamp pages as well

The Corvidae Cabal

These two release go together thematically. They are both cathartic releases for me that helped to process everything that’s happened in the past several years. These are personal records. If you choose to listen, I hope you like it. But honestly, these were coming out either way, and that’s a big part of why I chose to do them myself. If I can do the label in a way that works for me, I will keep Crionic Mind alive. We’ll see how things go with distributors and such in the next few weeks.

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