Just out today is the collaboration I did with Wilt.It’s a double CD called “The Trough of Armageddon” and there is an additional cassette called “Poisoned Sleep/Broken” that features two additional long tracks. It’s nearly 3 hours of music all together.

James likes to say this record was 20 years in the making. We’ve known each other along time, and it always seemed inevitable that we’d record something. He put the idea out there last summer, and for me the timing was right to address the themes he had in mind. The election drums were pounding, the lockdown and pandemic were in full swing, Portland was in the middle of weeks of protests. I was listening to mixes in the car driving back and forth from the ER or hospital in the wee hours of the morning. Toward the end the air was choked with wildfire smoke, like I have never seen before. I was under stage one evacuations orders and my wife was doing less and less well. For all the pontificating that goes on about the end times, this was truly a time when it felt like things were piling up.

Many thanks to James/Wilt for working on this with me, it was the right project at a time when we both needed it. Thanks to Sam/Phage Tapes and Chris/Cipher Prod. for taking on such a heap of tracks and putting out something that feels like it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be.

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