When I released the latest Gruntsplatter & The Corvidae Cabal CD’s I decided I’d try and keep the label going. I’ve always tried to have an aural aesthetic with the label. Additionally, I like putting things out for projects I feel are under appreciated, or relatively new. That’s more fun for me than releasing something new from an established project.

To that end, I’m pleased to announce that I know what the next two releases on Crionic Mind will be… Infestation Ritual from the US, and Underneath the Deadlight from Mexico. Both will be released on CD and digital, likely in an edition of 200. No album titles or release dates yet, but work is underway.

Infestation Ritual are still putting together an online presence, but produce eerie and ominous dark electronics with a cinematic quality that I am anxious to hear fully realized. Underneath The Deadlight has one EP available on Bandcamp that you can check out here. He has another project called, Reptlya, that is well worth a listen too. Evolving, textured Death Industrial with a nice mix of genre influences.

I’ll post more news as I have it. If you have a distro and want to carry any of the current releases don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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