Well the first thing to report is that the Infestation Ritual album is on hold. They had some life stuff arise, and so that may or may not come to pass. Underneath The Deadlight is still going forward, but I don’t have a timeline yet. The project is still working.

In Gruntsplatter news there will be a split 7″ with Control, called “A Fatal Circle”, released on Ant Zen/Raubbau sometime upcoming. The material has been turned in, but I don’t know what the time frame to get it pressed will be. More info as I have it.

I’m currently working on a new The Corvidae Cabal record, but again no real details yet.

There have been a couple reviews for recent releases that have come out:
Grntsplatter – Dowsing In The Cancer Lands from Noise Receptor. Also from Noise Receptor and Chain DLK there were reviews for the Gruntsplatter/Wilt collaboration – The Trough of Armageddon.

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