Things are gonna start getting busy here in the next couple months or so, so I thought I’d do a little news round up. The next couple releases on Crionic Mind are getting close.

The debut full length from Underneath The Deadlight entitled “Angelic Void” CD. I’ve heard 6 tracks from the record to this point and the word I kept coming back to was diabolical. It melds a variety of influences into an otherworldly kind of sinister. He expects to have the record finished sometime in October.

Also happening is a a collaborative CD between Envenomist & Θ Theta called “The Barrens”. I listened to the finished record this morning and it’s exceptional cinematic dark ambient for wastelands and blast zones. Many thanks to David and Themis for dropping this in my lap.

Additionally, I just finished a new Corvidae Cabal release called “The Gossamer Bridge.” I may release it with the above or I may wait a little and space thing out, I’m not sure what I am doing with it yet.

There is a split 7″ between Control and Gruntsplatter that’s done and will be released by Raubbau in the coming months called “A Fatal Circle” That one is just waiting on pressing plants I believe. The next Gruntsplatter release is also slated, but I’m not sure I’m supposed to say anything about that yet.

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