A little while back Brutal Forms Podcast asked if I was interested in doing a Live set for their show. It took me a bit to think it through. I wanted to feel confident I could keep an hour long set interesting, but on October 8th I recorded a set for them. It was released today. You can check it out at https://soundcloud.com/brutalforms/podcast-026-gruntsplatter-live-x-brutal-forms

3 thoughts on “Live on Brutal Forms

  1. Hi Scott! What a wonderful surprise, an hour of gruntsplatter murk to soak my head in!I put it on my ipod and I’ve been listening to it a lot. I find it extremely immersive. Gurglingly relaxing. I also love the 6-10-00 recording. Is there an unedited versionof that floating around? Well, this new one is plenty. I threw together a thumbnailfor it by adding some gruntsplattery-color to make it not stick out in my ipod scroll.I’m sure you could do much better, I just thought you’d get a kick out of it… đŸ™‚ Stay safe,Chris

    1. Thanks Chris – You have the edited 6/10/00 recording? That was originally going to be a split with Control of our live sets from one of the Troniksfests but it was never released. I probably do have the full version still somewhere.

      1. Ha, I just figured out that I’d posted this reply here instead of emailing it directly to you. Glad it made it to you regardless! Yeah, the edit’s great. Hope you find the full set, I’d love to hear it… Cheers!

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