I recently put together a Digital Reissue of the material from “The Passions Of A cripple 12” that was released on Force of Nature back in 2005. The reissue include all 6 of the original tracks and 3 additional compilation tracks. “Carnivean” which originally appeared on
The Sound of Sadism released by Malsonus/Bloodlust! in 1999. “I Saw It In The Blood” was originally released on the Salvation Bloodletting compilation from Live Bait recording Foundation in 2001, and finally an brand new mix, with vocals of the track, “Burned Over District” which originally appeared on the digital download compilation that was exclusive to the hardcover version of the Fight Your Own War book for which I contributed a chapter.

This is a noisier more Power electronic slant to Gruntsplatter tan my usual way of doing things. The original 12″ was limited to 300 and has long been out of print, and I am glad to finally be able to make it available again. You can check it out on either the Crionic Mind or Gruntsplatter Bandcamp pages.

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