Ohm Resistance released their latest and last entry of the Perihelion series today – “Perihelion Infinite” as a pay what you want digital compilation. It features a new track from Gruntsplatter called “Giant In The Cinders of Piety” and has host of noteworthy projects. 16 tracks total and well worth checking out.

In other Gruntsplatter news, there is a split CD between myself and Underneath The Deadlight that will come out on Annihilvs later this year. My tracks have been done for awhile, there are 7. Underneath The Deadlight is still finishing up his, mostly because he was busy recording “Angelic Void” for Crionic Mind. That is at the plant now and should be back soon.

I’m also nearly done with a new full length Gruntsplatter record. It’s 10 tracks, and they are done, I’m just fussing with the mix a bit still. Not sure when or where that will come out yet, but it’s nearly done.

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