Back in 2006 I started a podcast called Professor Gruntsplatter’s Spookatorium, and it ran pretty consistently through 2008. Then in 2011 I revived it for a couple episodes, and it’s been silent since then. I just created a new episode and intend to try and keep it going.

The old episodes I believe are still available through iTunes, I have also put the entire archives on MixCloud and in addition I created a Crionic Mind YouTube channel which will have video content for the label and my music projects, as well as a video version of the podcast.

Update: The new feed is available on iTunes, or you can subscribe direct with the feed

The show is a mix of music and stories on strange history, Fortean curiosities, weird fiction and whatever inflames my curiosity. It’s formatted like a radio show than a podcast. If that sounds interesting, check it out, and subscribe. It’s not monetized, and unless there is a copyright ping against a song in the podcast there shouldn’t be any ads or anything.

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