Jonathan Canady (website) recently released a new art book entitled “The Day Man Lost”. It revolves around the theme of the apocalypse and brings together some of Jon’s illustrations, collage work he created using a Universal Task Force Decal set from the 80’s. (If you know, you know). The book also features a transcribed conversation with Adel Souto (website) and two pieces written by me.

The first is a rewrite of of a piece Jon originally wrote called “Pyramid World” and the second is my retelling of the Greek myth of Erysichthon and Demeter’s Grove, called “Earth Tearer”. I have a few copies available Jonathan is selling them through eBay and his site I believe. Limited to 50 copies.

3 thoughts on “The Day Man Lost

  1. Hi Scott,

    Still working on ordering your stuff for the shop, just constantly juggling the budget.

    I know that Canady’s art book is highly limited, but I just wanted to check – are there any copies available for wholesale? Would love to stock this, I’m a longtime Canady fan.


    Adam Wright CRUCIAL BLAST 412 Village Place Hagerstown MD 21742

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