Dragging The Rivers Of Sleep

I can't remember how long it's been since I started working on this, but I'm happy and relieved to report that everything is finally with the label and moving towards completion. "Dragging the Rivers of Sleep" is a collection of rare and unreleased tracks that span from 1999 to 2015. All the tracks were remastered … Continue reading Dragging The Rivers Of Sleep

Caulbearer collaboration

I was recently asked by the project Caulbearer to collaborate with them on a dormant album they had recorded. They were soliciting a handful of projects to collaborate. Each project would work  on a one track to augment their original recordings. It is a strong record to begin with, andI agreed to take part. I … Continue reading Caulbearer collaboration

Snaig Tharta – ghosts (video)

Snaig Tharta is a project my wife, Nora, and I have been chipping away at for a little while now. This track is Nora on baritone guitar, violin and vocals, and I'm doing electronics and programming. I decided to try my hand at making a video for one of the tracks we have finished. The … Continue reading Snaig Tharta – ghosts (video)

Fight Your Own War – Released

I mentioned this on the Gruntsplatter Facebook page but hadn't mentioned it here. This Spring I was asked to contribute a chapter to an anthology collection that Headpress Books has put together called Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics And Noise Culture. My contribution covers the evolution of the US Power Electronics scene. It's the … Continue reading Fight Your Own War – Released

Bisect: 20th Anniversary Reissue

It dawned on me recently that it had been 20 years this November since the release of my first Gruntsplatter release. The "Bisect: A Split Release" was the first release on my label Crionic Mind. A split cassette limited to 100 between myself and Torture Chamber. Torture Chamber was an early experimental project of Jonathan … Continue reading Bisect: 20th Anniversary Reissue

Dragging The Rivers Of Sleep – New Release

I mentioned here a very long time ago that Fall of Nature Records had approached me about putting together a rare and unreleased collection. I took an absurd amount of time pulling things together, but I'm happy to say it's nearly done. Even better,  the label was still interested in releasing it. I'm really pleased … Continue reading Dragging The Rivers Of Sleep – New Release

More Catalog Updates

Just a quick note to mention that the distro catalog has been updated up through the "R's". There may be a few things I need to go back through and add, but the bulk of it is there. Hopefully in the next week or two I will have the rest on there. As mentioned before … Continue reading More Catalog Updates

Restoring The Catalog

I've been schlepping around my entire distro catalog for the last several years and it has not been available online. I'm working on remedying that now. I stopped trading for the catalog in the mid 00's. Everything I have is old, and I would guess much of it is out of print. I'm not jacking … Continue reading Restoring The Catalog

The Underground Receives The Eucharist

Online music zine No Echo recently asked me to contribute something to their ongoing series of Top X Lists. After much hand wringing I elected to look back at the influence GODFLESH had on bands and labels at the dawn of the 90's with a little countdown of some of the projects I felt were … Continue reading The Underground Receives The Eucharist

Coming Storm

I stumbled across this the other day on YouTube, and hadn't see before. It's a short film reflecting on Dust Bowl and where we may be headed again. I didn't know about it or have anything to do with it, but filmmaker Kate MacDonald used Gruntsplatter and Umbra in the score. It's definitely worth spending … Continue reading Coming Storm